Introducing Aptera Academy for New Tech Grads

As your graduation day approaches, you’re probably getting asked all the time what you plan to do after school. In the tech industry, the shape of your entire career is often determined by what you do in the first five years on the job. What makes this so troubling is that the vast majority of new software developers accept positions that have them doing the most narrowly focused work, day-in and day-out, without any opportunity or encouragement to grow beyond the confines of their one- or two-tasks roles. 

Aptera Academy is different. This accelerated program allows students to take the reins on their career. Fast.

Aptera Academy is a thorough 12-month program for new grads designed to help motivated candidates develop into successful technology consultants. Think of this opportunity as a paid internship that will pair you with another aspiring consultant under the guidance of an experienced mentor. 

The program’s objective is to offer college graduates with on-the-job training that will aid in honing technical and professional skills needed to take projects through all the stages of the software development life cycle.

Our primary focus is to transform candidates into successful consultants. But becoming a consultant doesn’t mean you’ll stop learning; in fact, it will be just the beginning of your journey. Our program was developed to keep even the most experienced professional sharp and motivated. 

You’ve learned the theories. Now it’s time to master the skills.

A predetermined number of qualified graduates will be accepted each semester into the program, where they will have opportunities to:

  • Work with an experienced and successful mentor
  • Practice peer coding so you and a partner can bootstrap each other's skills
  • Develop and hone the full suite of technical skills
  • Get hands-on experience doing real development work for paying clients
  • Learn all the soft skills necessary to work in teams and communicate with clients

If you think Aptera Academy sounds like exactly the kind of first step you need to take toward a fulfilling career in the tech industry, and if you think you might be exactly the kind of candidate Aptera Academy would be interested in recruiting, you can take action right now by contacting Aptera’s hiring manager Hillary Wood: hwood@apterainc.com

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