What We Offer

If and when you get hired by Aptera, you know your abilities and your potential are not just valuable to us, but also valued by us. The people you report to never assume they know how to do things better than you. You take responsiblity and you get to see the impact of your work in real business settings. Every week the whole company comes together so that area leaders can acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of their teams, from successful projects to new certifications, and from elated clients to new contracts. At Aptera, everyone is counted on to contribute, and everyone’s contribution is rewarded. 

If you're the type who thrives on a bit of creative chaos, who hates timeclocks and harbors murderous fantasies about the overbearing managers you’ve had in the past, who likes to let the work dictate the schedule rather than some factory whistle, who can have some fun at work while still getting some work done, it may be worth your while to check out Aptera’s impressive compensation and benefits packages, as well as our ongoing investments in training and professional development.

We have offices in Fort Wayne, Indiana and Nashville, Tennessee. And we have our sights on Indianapolis, Indiana as well.

Aptera works with businesses in a wide array of industries including: healthcare, banking, manufacturing, retail, insurance, transportation, research and development, and more.


At Aptera, you’ll be taking on a variety of assignments with all kinds of different clients. Our developers have worked on websites for funeral homes, built platforms for creating fliers and catalogues for nation-wide retailers, and even done on-site data migrations in Rio de Janeiro.

Our Reputation
Microsoft has recognized us as a Gold Certified Managed Partner. Sitefinity has recognized us as their highest-ranked partner in the world. And companies like Franklin Electric, Do It Best, and Nucor Steel have recognized us as great partners to do business with.

Advancement Opportunities
New employees have the option of pursuing either management or non-management paths. Some of our experts have gone on to work for the likes of Apple, Sitefinity, EBay, and Microsoft. But a lot of them have risen through the ranks right here and decided that this Aptera gig ain’t too shabby.

Work Environment

Aptera offers the kind of work environment that allows for high creativity and productivity, but is also laid back enough to where we know how to have fun! With ping-pong tables, pool tables, and video games as a way to break away from the daily grind, you will surely enjoy where you work and love how productive you will be.

Ongoing Personal & Professional Training
Outside of great advancement opportunities, Aptera offers many opportunities for employees to continue to grow both personally and professionally by offering training like Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and conferences that are related to your specific area of expertise. Not to mention guide you through all the certifications you will ever need!

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