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Step 1
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Step #1 - Online Application or General Submission

  • Aptera's Human Resources team will review your submission (application/resume/portfolio). Your candidacy, background, and experience will be evaluated and matched to an ideal role that is open and available.
  • If your background meets the minimum requirements for an opening, your assigned Recruiter will contact you via email or by phone to greet you and provide you with a formal introduction to Aptera.
  • A phone meeting will be scheduled to start you on the interview process.

Step #2 - Phone Interview / Screen

  • During your phone interview, an Aptera Recruiter will talk with you about the company, our values, and the overall culture.  This process is the first stage of evaluating if we’re a mutual fit for your career goals. After the conversation has concluded a discussion about moving forward or evaluating your candidacy at a later time will be confirmed.

Step #3 - Second Round Interview

  • Once you’ve made it passed the initial interview, a second round phone discussion between you and our hiring manager will be conducted.  Additional team members may be involved in this stage of the interview depending on the area of interest.  This call will add more technical based questions to the discussion as well as evaluate your level of acumen in a particular technical area.
  • In some technical verticals, a skill assessment may be administered to evaluate a candidate’s expertise on a particular task or test project.
  • After the conversation has concluded a discussion about moving forward or evaluating your candidacy at a later time will be confirmed.

Step #4 - Onsite Interview

  • Following a technical phone interview, candidates will get a chance to meet with their hiring manager, senior leadership, Human Resources, as well as other interdisciplinary team members during this stage in the process.
  • A technical based interview will be conducted by a Director level employee as well as the Practice Leader for a particular vertical. A hands-on skill assessment or Computer Based Learning Assessment may also be administered.  This stage of the process evaluates your readiness to jump in on a project and the overall fit for our team.
  • Following your meeting with our team a tour of our office will be provided to give candidates a “first hand” glimpse of the Aptera Culture at work.
  • Once concluded, a final meeting with Human Resources will cap off your meeting to discuss and answer any outstanding questions following all interviews.
  • A final meeting with Aptera’s Leadership may be conducted, as well.

Step #5 - Consensus Meeting

  • Once all interviews have concluded and questions are answered, our hiring team will evaluate your candidacy against the open opportunity.  Once the deliberation has concluded, Human Resources will contact you about next potential steps.

Step #6 - Final Stage / Job Offer

  • If Aptera’s team feels that a mutual fit is present; a job offer will follow. The details will be review by our Human Resources team and all necessary paperwork will be provided for your next step in joining the Aptera team.


Step #7 - Welcome to the Aptera Team!

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