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What is it like to work for a premier cloud team? How is our team at Aptera different from other cloud teams you could work with? And how could working on Aptera's cloud team make you a better professional? Discover all this and more as you learn what it takes to become a member of our team. Do you have what it takes?


What are some of the qualities successful cloud consultants at Aptera have in common?

  • Great communications skills both written and verbal. Comfortable in a crowd, leading and contributing to a group discussion. Deep technical expertise in several areas, with broad expertise in different IT disciplines.

What do most people say are the best parts of working on the cloud team at Aptera?

  • The range of skills on the team is very refreshing. The team is accessible and willing to help, and the whole group is really energized by helping customers solve unique technological problems. It’s great to help a customer with a complex technical solution and see it really pay off in bettering the customer’s core business.


What technologies would I be working with?

  • Microsoft cloud, public and private. Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Lync, System Center, Active Directory, Windows Intune, Windows Server 2012 (all versions really)


What types of clients would I be working with?

  • You name it. We have enterprise clients and we have small business clients. One thing they all have in common is the desire to better their business through modern technologies.


How is working with the cloud team at Aptera different from working with cloud consultants in most other tech firms?

  • Empowerment comes to mind. Aptera trusts us with owning a customer from start to finish, and maintaining the relationship as a part of the Aptera client family long after the project is over.


How might working at Aptera impact my future career as a mobile developer?

  • In a very positive way. The experience you will gain on the Aptera cloud team will help you succeed because we encourage not just technical growth, but all areas of consulting, including business and people skills.

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