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What is it like to work for a premier marketing team? How is our team at Aptera different from other marketing teams you could work with? And how could working on Aptera's marketing team make you a better professional? Discover all this and more as you learn what it takes to become a member of our team. Do you have what it takes?


What are some of the qualities successful marketers at Aptera have in common?
You have to be an idea person. You have to be willing to take initiative on your own projects. And since a lot of our work is public-facing you have to have an eye for detail. Of course, you also have to be really good at whatever your specialty is, whether you’re a videographer, a copywriter, a blogger, a social media expert, or an inbound strategist.

Being able to pick up complex points about technology and distill them into content any educated person can grasp is also really important. You’ll be working closely with people in various departments, so interviewing and schmoozing skills are a must. Beyond that, you really have to be able to come up with projects on your own, deal with shifting goals (which often means scrapping a lot of your work or making drastic changes to it), and work well whether it’s with a group or on your own.

What do most people say are the best parts of working on the marketing team at Aptera?

Anyone who just stopped in briefly a few times would probably think the marketing people joke and play around on the internet all day. And we really do have a lot of fun, bouncing ideas off each other, joking about the dubious value of our work, and complaining about how everyone else in the company shuns us because we’re always asking them for content ideas. But we somehow manage to get lots of blog posts published, email newsletters sent, white papers written, videos shot and edited, websites updated and so on. If you love doing creative work, it’s a great environment.


What technologies would I be working with?
We use HubSpot, Sitefinity, and, as users, lots of Microsoft stuff like SharePoint, Lync, Exchange, and Office 365. More important probably than these technologies, though, is that we use an inbound marketing strategy.


What types of clients would I be working with?

You may go long stretches without working with clients at all. But you may be working on interviews—phone or video—for case studies. These are usually with IT people at various kinds of business.


How is working with the marketing team at Aptera different from doing marketing in most other tech firms?

We focus primarily on Microsoft products, but we frequently discuss Aptera’s unique approach to tech projects. But the main difference is probably the social environment. A lot of the people who work here are used to being the smartest guy or gal in the room—but it seems like everyone here is ridiculously smart in one area or another (or in several areas). There’s an atmosphere of mutual respect, everyone is trusted to handle their duties, and everyone’s contributions are heard and weighed equally. Management lets you know what they’re looking for, and then steps back so you can impress them.


How might working at Aptera impact my future career as a marketer?

We’re a relatively small department in a rapidly growing company. So there are all kinds of things you can get your hands into here. You learn about all the different aspects of a content marketing strategy, and if you’re a content person your work gets a lot of exposure. You get in the habit of producing content or putting out social media updates or running A/B tests etc. on a regular basis, and you learn to work with experts on topics you probably know nothing about to develop effective messaging.

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