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What is it like to work for a premier mobile app development team? How is our team at Aptera different from other mobile app development teams you could work with? And how could working on Aptera's mobile app development team make you a better professional? Discover all this and more as you learn what it takes to become a member of our team. Do you have what it takes?


What are some of the qualities successful mobile app developers at Aptera have in common?

  • With mobile projects here at Aptera, we emphasize the importance of solutions that require absolutely no training to use. When working with complex workflows and business processes, this can be challenging. This requires our developers to be intimately familiar with the various mobile platforms, the evolving nature of the platforms, and the ability to break complex problems into simple solutions.
  • It is vital to understand the audience of the end product, in particular whether the solution will be consumer-facing. For consumer-facing applications, we have to potentially deal with a myriad of devices and versions of the operating systems.
  • You have to understand that there is no one right way to develop an application. Each platform and each project represent opportunities to implement a unique solution to a problem.
  • For applications that are deployed to the platform’s respective marketplace, you need to understand the caveats and nuances involved with submitting an application for approval.
  • It is important for mobile developers to understand that sometimes less is more.

What do most people say are the best parts of working on the mobile app team at Aptera?

  • In my experience, many companies that “do mobile” remain focused on just the mobile component of a solution. We really try to draw in from other areas of expertise (different practices) to ensure that the solution we provide really fits in with a larger overarching plan.
  • Our team consists of people who are mobile enthusiasts. Working with people who are passionate and knowledgeable about what they do makes all the difference.
  • It seems like once you figure something out, something changes. While this can be true of pretty much any technology, it is more apparent in mobile given that it is really still in its infancy.
  • People are really drawn to mobile devices! As such, it seems that mobile solutions typically garner more visibility than a standard software project.


What technologies would I be working with?

  • Objective C, Java, C#, HTML5/CSS3, Azure, Web API, SQL Server
  • Interface Builder, Visual Studio, Eclipse, etc.


What types of clients would I be working with?

  • Businesses who are looking to provide a new/unique way of interacting with their customers
  • Businesses looking for new ways to improve business processes (improved access to information; greater ability to generate/collect data)


How is working with the mobile app team at Aptera different from working with app developers in most other tech firms?

  • In addition to being experts in mobile, our developers are typically well versed in other technologies. This not only provides more value to our customers, but also provides additional opportunities for our developers to professionally grow.


How might working at Aptera impact my future career as a mobile developer?

  • Delivering a quality product to our customers goes much further than just creating something that works. We have a group of dedicated individuals who truly buy into the concepts of good software craftsmanship.
  • Professional growth is more about the people who surround you than anything else. The people at Aptera are 2nd to none!

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