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.NET Development


What is it like to work for a premier .NET development team? How is our team at Aptera different from other .NET development teams you could work with? And how could working on Aptera's .NET development team make you a better professional? Discover all this and more as you learn what it takes to become a member of our team. Do you have what it takes?


What are some of the qualities successful developers at Aptera have in common? 

They dream in code. They can grok and react to new information quickly, both with regard to technology and to the quirks of a client’s business rules. They do not wait for their boss to tell them what to do, or what to learn next. 

What do most people say are the best parts of working on the custom software team at Aptera?

The scenery changes. In other environments, developers might be stuck propping up the same old codebase or supporting the same business scenarios for years. But here, there’s always a new client, a different approach, or a fresh perspective. 

What technologies would I be working with?

ASP.NET, Entity Framework, Web API, HTML5, jQuery, Angular, Knockout, SharePoint, TFS, PowerShell, and any or all of the latest Microsoft technologies. 

What types of clients would I be working with?

We serve all industries, so there is generally a mixture of Education, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Legal, and Retail. 

How is working with the software team at Aptera different from working with developers in most other tech firms?

We have a growth mindset here, not a fixed mindset. Not knowing a given technology is no obstacle to learning it and using it, if that’s what the project calls for. We foster a team-wide culture of learning, sharing what we’ve learned. 

How might working at Aptera impact my future career as a developer?

The work you do here will always be cutting-edge, and will more than prepare you for anything else our industry could throw at you. Our culture of growth ensures you gain experience, not just mark time. 

Aptera is a growing company that gives you lots of opportunity for advancement. As a developer, you will always be working with experienced architects and practice leaders, you will be required to take certification exams, and you will be provided with several different opportunities for learning while on the job. We take a vested interest in your success because we believe that’s how we as a business succeed. 

Does Aptera offer internship opportunities for aspiring developers?

Yes. We actually have an extensive training program for interns and fresh graduates that teaches the fundamental skills required to be a successful engineer at Aptera. 


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