What is it like to work for a premier SharePoint team? How is our team at Aptera different from other SharePoint teams you could work with? And how could working on Aptera's SharePoint team make you a better professional? Discover all this and more as you learn what it takes to become a member of our team. Do you have what it takes?
What are some of the qualities successful SharePoint developers at Aptera have in common?

Intuition for business processes and a problem-solving attitude. It is one thing to have the technological skill set, but another to have the attitude that you want to dig in and find the solution that will have the most value. So basically it boils down to deep technical knowledge and an understanding—or even a passion—for all the ways SharePoint can work in a business environment.

What do most people say are the best parts of working on the SharePoint team at Aptera? 

The people at Aptera are given the opportunity to work toward solutions both independently and collaboratively. We support our team members, but grant them autonomy to work out answers their own way. 

What types of technology would I be working with?

The focus with SharePoint now and moving forward is user experience. JavaScript/ JQuery-type client tools are a very effective way to leverage SharePoint capabilities while providing an enjoyable user experience. We may even provide some offerings in the SharePoint app store if they are universal. Also, strategies for implementing successful enterprise social initiatives are going to be increasingly important. In the SharePoint realm, we’re really talking about use-cases that involve multiple areas within the Microsoft stack: Yammer, Office 365, as well as integration with Lync, Exchange, and the BI stack.

What types of clients would I be working with? 

We tend to work with medium to large clients with business process challenges in a large variety of industries. We work both with IT and business end-users, as well as business managers and leaders. Our interaction within the client company is broad, and we are able to work closely with users.

How is working with the SharePoint team at Aptera different from working with SharePoint at most other tech firms?  

We focus on big-picture planning and end-to-end solutions. We tend not to get bogged down with one-off tasks from our clients, as our involvement usually starts with the planning aspects and continues throughout the evolution of their information architecture. This tends to lead to much more enjoyable and satisfying experiences for our team members.


How might working at Aptera impact my future career as a SharePoint developer? 

The key here is exposure in two areas. Working with other experienced and intelligent team members will expand your technical skill set. And working with technologies to address business problems provides access to end-users and business use-cases. If I could point to one deficiency with the average developer, it would be a general lack of business acumen. The ability to apply technology is much more valuable than the ability to develop in a vacuum. This has to align with your goals as a technologist, but it is definitely a void in the industry.

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