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The Corner View: Microsoft Lync

Aptera Inc's president and CEO TK Herman tells the story of how Microsoft Lync made it possible for his company to cut its telecommunications costs in half while more than tripling its count of outgoing phone lines. Herman envisions a not-too-distant future in which Lync has made desktop phones obsolete. Combining 5 products into a single software package, Lync streamlines and simplifies your business's communications in a way that'll make you wonder how you ever managed without it.

The Corner View: SharePoint Roadmapping

Microsoft's SharePoint intranet platform can revolutionize your business - but without proper planning, it may not be the revolution you were hoping for. Aptera's president and CEO T.K. Herman explains how Roadmapping can make or break your SharePoint implementation.

The Corner View: Discovery

In this edition, TK talks with Creative Director C. Ray Harvey about the Discovery Phase that begins every Aptera project. Discovery brings together decision-makers, as well as the people whose day-to-day work will be affected by the project, to determine what challenges need to be taken on, what goals everyone has is mind, and what precisely success will look like. Though many business leaders are keen to get their projects started right away, taking the time to go through the discovery process can mean the difference between a finished project that is no more than a jumble of parts and one that works to deliver measurable results.

The Corner View: Mobile Apps

In this edition, TK talks mobile apps with Chris Stephan. As someone who has his hands in this wildly popular and rapidly evolving tech area every day, Chris is at the forefront of the growing business trend toward more customized, more innovative, and more entertaining apps. Apps are no longer just a fancy diversion for teenagers to burn time between classes; mobile apps are helping companies reach their clients in more interactive and satisfying ways, and they're streamlining internal business processes as well. Of course, the ways that businesses are using mobile apps today is surely just the beginning.

The Corner View: Is Office 365 Right For You?

In this edition of The Corner View, TK talks with Aptera's own Enterprise Architect Mark Gordon about how Microsoft's Office 365 is revolutionizing businesses by giving smaller companies access to tools that only the biggest used to have, and by giving bigger companies the ability to behave with the coordination and agility that only the smallest used to be able to manage. Mark brings 14 years of experience at Microsoft to the table, and he knows firsthand how dramatically this collaboration tool can transform businesses.

The Corner View: What is a Microsoft Managed Partner?

In this edition of The Corner View, TK talks to Terease Baker-Bell, Microsoft's Partner Account Manager for Tennessee and Kentucky, about what it means to be a Managed Partner, what criteria Microsoft uses to choose these partners, and what benefits businesses can count on from working with a Managed Partner like Aptera.

The Corner View: Windows 8 Apps and Your Business Ecosystem

In this edition of The Corner View, TK discusses the latest developments in the realm of mobile app operating systems with Windows 8 expert Matt Noggle. Microsoft's new OS forms the basis of an entire ecosystem of enterprise communications and business applications, opening the way for a level of real-time information sharing that has never before been possible.

The Corner View: User Interface Design & Trends

In this edition of The Corner View, C. Ray Harvey, Aptera's Creative Director, talks to Project Clarity Specialist Tony Headrick about what goes into deciding on and designing a web application's visuals and controls—its look and feel. While graphic design is crucial in capturing site visitors' attention, the functionality is what determines how long they stay and how much they engage with the content. Headrick discusses some current trends like minimalism and responsive design and explains how the elements of a site can interact to create a unique and impactful user experience.

The Corner View: Microsoft Experience Center

Join Aptera and Microsoft for a Customer Immersion Experience, a hands-on introduction to Microsoft technologies, including Windows 8, Lync, SharePoint, Office 365, Office, and more!

The Corner View: Windows 8 & 8.1

In this edition of the Corner View, TK interviews Matt Noggle, Senior Software Engineer, about Windows 8 and the soon-to-be released Windows 8.1. Windows 8 was a huge update to the Windows operating system and Matt discusses why the update was necessary and the features you should be looking for in Windows 8.1.
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