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The Corner View: Automatically Adapt Your Data with BizTalk

In this edition of the Corner View, TK talks about Microsoft BizTalk with Business Intelligence specialists Richard Spice and Aaron Crouch. BizTalk is an application integration platform that adapts information from one source to the format required for another location. That way, information only has to be entered once to be digested by multiple different types of systems. BizTalk has enormous cost- and time-saving potential for any business that relies on multiple forms or that requires a high level of coordination between departments.

The Corner View: Business Intelligence, Big Data, and Not-So-Big Businesses

In this edition of the Corner View, TK discusses Business Intelligence with Aptera's BI Practice Leader Aaron Crouch. BI helps business leaders use data to make sound decisions. Aaron talks about what BI strategies consist of, what technologies they rely on, what kinds of businesses can benefit, and how new technologies like Big Data are affecting how businesses use information.

The Corner View: Introducing Power BI

In this edition of the Corner View, TK interviews Business Intelligence Practice Lead Aaron Crouch about Power BI, aka Self-Service Business Intelligence. This new offering from Microsoft equips business users with tools for creating and sharing analytics, making use of both internal company metrics and Big Data, so "reporting" is no longer a task for IT and you can do more with BI than ever before.

The Corner View: Big Data, Hadoop and HDInsight

In this edition of The Corner View, BI Developer Travis Teeple explains some of the common misconceptions about Big Data before going on to cover some of the basics of Hadoop and HDInsight, including the three V's.
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