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The Corner View: Is Office 365 Right For You?

In this edition of The Corner View, TK talks with Aptera's own Enterprise Architect Mark Gordon about how Microsoft's Office 365 is revolutionizing businesses by giving smaller companies access to tools that only the biggest used to have, and by giving bigger companies the ability to behave with the coordination and agility that only the smallest used to be able to manage. Mark brings 14 years of experience at Microsoft to the table, and he knows firsthand how dramatically this collaboration tool can transform businesses.

The Corner View: Security and Compliance in the Cloud

In this edition of the Corner View, TK talks to Enterprise Architect Mark Gordon about the security and compliance considerations of moving to the cloud. Mark delves into the type of businesses that are well suited for a move to the cloud, the ways the cloud can help your business meet government compliance recommendations, and how storing your data in the cloud can be even more secure than storing them on premises.

The Corner View: Microsoft StorSimple

StorSimple is Microsoft’s latest entry into the cloud storage arena and is based on what is generally called Hierarchical Storage Management or HSM. Hierarchical storage is useful because only a relatively small percentage of your data needs to be accessed frequently. The management part of HSM looks at the usage patterns of each file and marks it for either local or remote storage, and the Hierarchical Storage part of HSM then puts each file into the appropriate storage location, in this case either on the premises or in the cloud.

Aptera 101: Cloud Services

Aptera 101 is our new video series designed to make sure you have all the knowledge you need about the biggest topics in tech, all in less than five minutes. This time, we're taking a look at everything the cloud can do from storage to computing.
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