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The Corner View: Mobile Apps

In this edition, TK talks mobile apps with Chris Stephan. As someone who has his hands in this wildly popular and rapidly evolving tech area every day, Chris is at the forefront of the growing business trend toward more customized, more innovative, and more entertaining apps. Apps are no longer just a fancy diversion for teenagers to burn time between classes; mobile apps are helping companies reach their clients in more interactive and satisfying ways, and they're streamlining internal business processes as well. Of course, the ways that businesses are using mobile apps today is surely just the beginning.

The Corner View: Mobility with SharePoint 2013

In this edition of the Corner View, SharePoint Architect Scott Walsh discusses the emphasis on user experience in the latest version of SharePoint, including the addition of tools for making the collaboration platform accessible through mobile devices. As more workers are signing in with an increasing variety of phones and tablets, equipping them with all the apps they need for sharing and collaborating on different screen sizes and with numerous operating systems becomes an ever greater challenge. But with SharePoint 2013 you can give everyone ready access on almost any device.

The Corner View: What's Your Mobile Strategy for 2015?

In this edition of the Corner View, Aptera’s Software Development Practice Leader Matt Noggle discusses the priorities you should focus on in creating your mobile strategy. By sometime next year, the number of people going online using their mobile devices will surpass the number doing it from desktops. Whether you’re looking to reach new customers or to improve productivity within your business, the proliferation of mobile technologies is a huge opportunity. But to make the most of it you need a strategy that answers questions from which platform you’ll use to how you’ll keep your solution secure.

Aptera 101: Cross-Platform Mobile App Development with Xamarin

Three quarters of the people getting on the internet today are using mobile devices. Your business needs the strategy and the tools to compete in the mobile app development realm. That's where Xamarin comes in. 
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