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The Amazing Aptera Open House 2011

Aptera's 4th Annual Client & Community Appreciate Night was held September 29, 2011 at their downtown headquarters in Fort Wayne, IN.

Aptera Open House 2012

Some sensational and revealing scenes from Aptera's 2012 Open House, the annual event that brings together employees, clients, friends, family, and anyone else who might wander in from the street with the offer of free food, drinks, camaraderie, and talk of commerce. This year's theme was the great American pastime, so every employee donned a jersey, numbered according to order of hiring, generously provided by the company. The Aptera team knocked this one out of the park!

The Aptera Open House 2013

We started in 2003. We moved in 2008. We celebrated it all in 2013. 10 Years Under the Influence. The Aptera Open House.
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