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The Corner View: SharePoint Roadmapping

Microsoft's SharePoint intranet platform can revolutionize your business - but without proper planning, it may not be the revolution you were hoping for. Aptera's president and CEO T.K. Herman explains how Roadmapping can make or break your SharePoint implementation.

The Corner View: Mobility with SharePoint 2013

In this edition of the Corner View, SharePoint Architect Scott Walsh discusses the emphasis on user experience in the latest version of SharePoint, including the addition of tools for making the collaboration platform accessible through mobile devices. As more workers are signing in with an increasing variety of phones and tablets, equipping them with all the apps they need for sharing and collaborating on different screen sizes and with numerous operating systems becomes an ever greater challenge. But with SharePoint 2013 you can give everyone ready access on almost any device.

The Corner View: SharePoint User Adoption

In this edition of The Corner View, SharePoint Architect Scott Walsh talks about why user adoption is such an important consideration when working with SharePoint. He then goes into some general principles to follow to ensure workers make the most of SharePoint solutions. User adoption is critical to getting the most out of SharePoint's potential as a productivity and collaboration tool. Without getting input from end users and involving them in the planning stages, you risk having them view the platform as more of an added burden than a helpful tool. But by focusing on how workers will actually be using SharePoint as part of their normal routines you can ease the transition to the point where they feel the platform is as easy to use as it is indispensable.
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