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The Corner View: Windows 8 Apps and Your Business Ecosystem

In this edition of The Corner View, TK discusses the latest developments in the realm of mobile app operating systems with Windows 8 expert Matt Noggle. Microsoft's new OS forms the basis of an entire ecosystem of enterprise communications and business applications, opening the way for a level of real-time information sharing that has never before been possible.

Aptera Quarterly Meeting at SkyZone 2013

Employee quarterly meeting at the newly opened Fort Wayne Sky Zone... Why not?!

The Corner View: User Interface Design & Trends

In this edition of The Corner View, C. Ray Harvey, Aptera's Creative Director, talks to Project Clarity Specialist Tony Headrick about what goes into deciding on and designing a web application's visuals and controls—its look and feel. While graphic design is crucial in capturing site visitors' attention, the functionality is what determines how long they stay and how much they engage with the content. Headrick discusses some current trends like minimalism and responsive design and explains how the elements of a site can interact to create a unique and impactful user experience.

The Corner View: Microsoft Experience Center

Join Aptera and Microsoft for a Customer Immersion Experience, a hands-on introduction to Microsoft technologies, including Windows 8, Lync, SharePoint, Office 365, Office, and more!

The Corner View: Windows 8 & 8.1

In this edition of the Corner View, TK interviews Matt Noggle, Senior Software Engineer, about Windows 8 and the soon-to-be released Windows 8.1. Windows 8 was a huge update to the Windows operating system and Matt discusses why the update was necessary and the features you should be looking for in Windows 8.1.

The Aptera Open House 2013

We started in 2003. We moved in 2008. We celebrated it all in 2013. 10 Years Under the Influence. The Aptera Open House.

The Corner View: Windows Azure

In this edition of the Corner View, TK Herman and Mark Gordon, Enterprise Architect, discuss Windows Azure. Windows Azure is a Microsoft service that allows you to host your software in the cloud so you don't have to buy and manage your own servers. Mark describes how some companies are using Azure and when is the right time to consider it for your business.

The Corner View: Managing PC's and Mobile Devices with Windows Intune

In this edition of the Corner View, Aptera's President, TK Herman, interviews Mark Gordon, Enterprise Architect, about Windows Intune. Intune is a service that provides simplified management of client computers and devices in your organization. Mark describes the benefits of using it and how users can manage their own devices via the web.

Aptera Christmas Party 2013

Sky Zone Fort Wayne hosted Aptera's holiday celebration in 2013. Employees and their families had a blast bouncing around. Even Santa and Mrs. Claus took time out of their busy holiday schedule to stop by and tell a Christmas story and deliver some early Christmas gifts.

The Corner View: Automatically Adapt Your Data with BizTalk

In this edition of the Corner View, TK talks about Microsoft BizTalk with Business Intelligence specialists Richard Spice and Aaron Crouch. BizTalk is an application integration platform that adapts information from one source to the format required for another location. That way, information only has to be entered once to be digested by multiple different types of systems. BizTalk has enormous cost- and time-saving potential for any business that relies on multiple forms or that requires a high level of coordination between departments.
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