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Aptera Wake Sessions 2014

Some of Aptera's employees enjoying a day of wake boarding and wake surfing. We know how to party!

The Corner View: An Introduction to Inbound Marketing

In this Aptera Corner View, we talk with Brian Signorelli of HubSpot about the philosophy, the mechanics, and the successes of inbound marketing. As you will hear in this segment, the Internet has fundamentally changed the way people and companies buy, empowering them to form opinions and make purchasing decisions before they even talk to you.  The best response to this is to provide dynamic content that makes your company a trusted resource and prevents potential clients from eliminating you as an option. This is one of the basic tenants of inbound marketing, a new service Aptera is now offering to help clients see real ROI from a cohesive digital strategy that produces results.

The Corner View: What's Your Mobile Strategy for 2015?

In this edition of the Corner View, Aptera’s Software Development Practice Leader Matt Noggle discusses the priorities you should focus on in creating your mobile strategy. By sometime next year, the number of people going online using their mobile devices will surpass the number doing it from desktops. Whether you’re looking to reach new customers or to improve productivity within your business, the proliferation of mobile technologies is a huge opportunity. But to make the most of it you need a strategy that answers questions from which platform you’ll use to how you’ll keep your solution secure.

The Corner View: Microsoft StorSimple

StorSimple is Microsoft’s latest entry into the cloud storage arena and is based on what is generally called Hierarchical Storage Management or HSM. Hierarchical storage is useful because only a relatively small percentage of your data needs to be accessed frequently. The management part of HSM looks at the usage patterns of each file and marks it for either local or remote storage, and the Hierarchical Storage part of HSM then puts each file into the appropriate storage location, in this case either on the premises or in the cloud.

Aptera 101: Sitefinity

In this episode of Aptera 101, Alex discusses the Sitefinity CMS tools and how it can help take your new website and business to the next level!

Aptera 101: Cross-Platform Mobile App Development with Xamarin

Three quarters of the people getting on the internet today are using mobile devices. Your business needs the strategy and the tools to compete in the mobile app development realm. That's where Xamarin comes in. 

The Corner View: Is Office 365 Right For You?

In this edition of The Corner View, TK talks with Aptera's own Enterprise Architect Mark Gordon about how Microsoft's Office 365 is revolutionizing businesses by giving smaller companies access to tools that only the biggest used to have, and by giving bigger companies the ability to behave with the coordination and agility that only the smallest used to be able to manage. Mark brings 14 years of experience at Microsoft to the table, and he knows firsthand how dramatically this collaboration tool can transform businesses.

Aptera 101: Cloud Services

Aptera 101 is our new video series designed to make sure you have all the knowledge you need about the biggest topics in tech, all in less than five minutes. This time, we're taking a look at everything the cloud can do from storage to computing.
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