Nintex offers you the most reliable, and the most intuitive, platform on the market for building and managing your company's workflows. With Nintex, you can automate processes spanning everything from your content management system to your collaboration platforms, whether they're on-premises, in the cloud, or operating through mobile devices. Even while connecting all these disparate points throughout your company, Nintex manages to make most business process automation as simple as drag-and-drop.

We partnered with Nintex here at Aptera because we love technologies that bridge the gap between business users and IT experts. With just a little training, workers with a technical background can start building simple Nintex Forms and Workflows. But you can't design automated processes without first acquiring a good sense of the business challenges they're being put in place to address. That's why we like to incorporate the business user's perspective into our planning for projects.

By combining our discovery process with our technical expertise, we're able to work with you to deliver the workflow solution that's best suited to your business.

And our team of Nintex Professionals is mentored and led by experts in Agile and Scrum methodologies.

Why Aptera as your partner of Choice?

We bring our expertise as Nintex Partners together with an understanding that technology is only half the equation. To create the best workflows for you, we first need to hear from you about how the process works in its business context. That's why we involve a Business Analyst along with a certified Nintex Architect in the planning and mapping sessions that kick off our automation projects.

We also include Quality Assurance as part of our regular workflow strategy, making sure your forms, security measures, and the workflow process in general function properly. Finally, we offer users from your business sufficient training before doing any User Acceptance Testing. That way, we can make sure your workers know exactly what they're doing and you know exactly what you're getting before you sign off. 

Improve Your Workflow


Our Nintex Services:
  • Business Process Automation Kickstarter (B-Pak) Workshop: 4-days of sessions planning, mapping, evaluating, and training for a simple Nintex Form and Workflow. After completing the B-Pak Workshop, you should be able to set up your own simple workflows, and eventually work up to more complex ones. Ideal for companies taking advantage of Nintex's free 30-day trial.
  • Outcomes-Based Planning: a Business Analyst and a Nintex Architect guide your team through goal-setting, budget setting, and establishing a time-frame so you can make sure you're leveraging the platform as effectively as possible..
  • Custom Form and Workflow development

Our Nintex Solutions:
We're constantly adding to our stable of industry-focused (primarily manufacturing) solutions. Most recently, we've built:

  •  A Safety Incident workflow including mobile and analytic components
  • A Statement of Work processing workflow with automatic document generation
  • A Corrective Action workflow with custom/complex forms
  • An Employee Requisition workflow 

ROI Accelerator Package

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