Meet Aptera

Championing Technology in a Collaborative Environment

In 15 years, Aptera has expanded from 2 to 100+ onsite employees in our Fort Wayne, Indiana office. We’ve done it organically through deep relationships with our clients and meaningful connections between team members. Our targets in terms of client partnerships are sophisticated in their adoption of technology to solve truly complicated business problems, and our expertise in design and development matches their needs. However, we also carry our Midwestern practicality with us, working alongside our clients as friends and taking a common sense approach to communication, collaboration, and problem solving.

Ready to Pitch In

We know that we can serve clients best through specialization, creating a structure where everyone works on tasks for which they are best suited. Most Aptera team members work in specialties they spent years honing and spend free time studying. It’s also common for team members to share interest in more than one specialty, allowing them to pitch in and carry the load to ensure a project is completed. This allows expertise to shine, while ensuring that the whole team approaches problems from a “how can I help” attitude.

Always Improving

Aptera has always fostered a culture of growth, which values and promotes ongoing sophistication in the way we design, develop, and deliver projects. To that end, we are rooted in continuous learning both on the technical side and in terms of process improvement. We train new team members through mentorship, provide access to valuable training materials, and host regular lunch and evening events focused on skill enhancement.

Teaching and Investing

Our eagerness to share doesn't stop at our doors! You may find Aptera developers presenting, speaking, and attending conferences worldwide, giving the rest of the community a look at the methods and lessons we've learned through experience. We also work with our clients to train their development staff on new technologies and processes to help keep them sharp in their practices.

In the Community

You may also find our team members volunteering time in the community. Opportunities to volunteer range from mentoring and teaching young learners about technology to mowing yards for those unable to keep up themselves. We also participate in off-hours team sports such as volleyball, cycling, and billiards (some here call it “pool”). Don’t see a club listed that you’d like to join? Feel free to start it up!

The Cheat Sheet

Things We Do Well:

  • Develop across mobile, web, and OS platforms
  • Architect enterprise-level cloud infrastructure
  • Create powerful and performative data integrations and reports
  • Manage project timelines, resources, and budgets
  • Analyze business problems to propose impactful solutions
  • Design elegant and attractive user experiences
  • Increase online engagement with products and services

Other Things We Do:

  • Share a delicious beverage (or two)
  • Tell hilarious and relatable stories
  • Laugh at your jokes, even the mediocre ones
  • Recommend a great book, movie, or binge-worthy series
  • Play obscure board, card, and party games
  • Celebrate your birthday
  • Help you move into your new house
  • Perform magic tricks

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