A Partnership Focused on Your Success

Development Centered Around Your Goals

When building custom software, the stakes are high. If you don’t deliver, your company can fall behind the competition. Meanwhile, you must coordinate teams, stay on budget, and answer to your stakeholders. We understand these concerns. Our onshore development teams will work with you as partners to help you balance your responsibilities. We’ll begin by gathering a deep understanding of your business goals.

Preparing for Your Success


Signing on new partners can be a complex process, but we’re not intimidated by the checks and balances that come with adding a long-term partner. Aptera has the experience and ability to navigate complex partner agreements and ensure they don’t stand in the way of your timeline.

of Teams

Combining teams with a development partner can feel risky, but it doesn’t have to be. Your Aptera team will blend seamlessly with your in-house development team to increase productivity, teach new skills and ensure a smooth transition to internal support. Our teams can also work in shared codebases with teams globally, whether in-house or other vendors.


Effective business leadership is key to successfully delivering software to market. Technical teams need to know the vision for the product and validation when they meet it for the software bring value. Aptera onboards business leaders with brief, yet meaningful training on how to collaborate with a development team to meet their business goals.

Transparent Approach to Budget

With agile development’s focus on learning and changing as you build software, it can feel hard to pin down a budget. We know that budgets are crucial for business and our teams will work closely with you to set a budget and adjust the scope of the work so that it maintains your budget while still delivering the highest amount of value for your company.
our approach to budgeting
Ready to learn more about how you can deliver for your company and stay on budget?

A Team to Suit Your Needs

If you’re managing the development of many projects at once, it can be difficult to know which resources should work on which project. Aptera’s high-performing teams can fit wherever you need us to solve your development problems. You can hire a team to take the lead on a development initiative from start to finish, we can work alongside your team using a shared codebase for different projects, or we can combine with your team on one project to add extra velocity.




"Aptera is truly a business partner, not just a vendor. The organization is fantastic from top to bottom. We look forward to working together for years to come."

Proven Process for Developing Software

Our development process is built to make you successful. To ensure your software meets your vision and goals, we use an agile development approach that understands the importance of user feedback and offers opportunities to pivot development based on what we learn. On top of it all, we’ll always honor your timeline and budget.
software development process

Our Partner Promise

Leading software development initiatives is no small task. The stakes are high and there are many parts to a complex project. We know that your reputation, not just ours, is on the line. Aptera’s teams understand these challenges and honor the trust of our partners. When you work with us, we promise to:

Deliver Difference-Making Software

Look good to your stakeholders. Partner with Aptera on software projects that matter to your company. We’ll deliver a successful solution that will solidify your status as a go-to person in the organization.

Eliminate Surprises

We work with the utmost transparency. You’ll always know the status of your development, because you’ll have an active role as a part of your team throughout the project.

Always Give Feedback

We’re not “yes people.” We’ll work to learn the aims and needs of your software so we can offer you intelligent, goal-oriented suggestions throughout the development process.

Honor Timeline & Budget

Your software not only needs to be adopted by your users, but it also needs to be delivered on time and on budget to have the biggest impact. Our teams will focus on both the functional and business goals of your software.

Stay Flexible

No two organizations are exactly alike, and you deserve a team that will meet you where you’re at. We’ll work to learn your needs and can adjust how we work to best fit your situation and company.

Exceed Your Expectations

Our goal is to make your experience so seamless and deliver you such a successful software solution that you’ll tell your friends how much you love working with your Aptera team!

meeting in office

Be the Leader Who Pushes
Software Initiatives Forward

1. Share Goals

2. Match with a Team

3. Deliver Custom Software