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Read through our resource hub to find articles on a variety of topics including tips on successfully delivering software projects and blending business and IT, insight into the processes we follow for development, and even information about the technologies we use.

A Quality Analyst’s Take on the Aptera Academy

The Aptera Academy is our in-depth, customized approach to onboarding. The program was designed for developers, but we’ve recently opened it up to clients and non-developers.

Here’s a QA Analyst’s take on it.

John Hightower on Aptera Live.

Improving the Security on Complex Software

When you’re building software, it’s crucial to be aware of security.

To help sort it all out, we recently chatted with John Hightower on Aptera Live. Here’s what he said.


Managing Remote Software Development Teams

It can be tough managing and cultivating a culture on a software development team, especially when your team is remote.

We sat down with Team Lead Paul Aschliman on Aptera Live to chat about how he manages and cultivates a strong culture on a remote software development team.


Women in Technology Highlight

The path to a career and field you love is not usually clear cut and that’s often the case for people in the technology world, especially women.

Women are widely underrepresented in IT roles. While women make up 47 percent of all employed adults in the United States, they only hold 25 percent of technology jobs, according to the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT).

.NET MAUI and the Future of Xamarin 

At the 2020 Microsoft Build Conference, the company announced .NET MAUI as the next evolution to Xamarin.Forms. We recently sat down with Senior Software Developer, Mike Richards, to get an overview of the future of Xamarin and MAUI.

React developer explains the pros and cons of ReactJS

Angular vs React – Which to Choose for Your App?

Ready to start a new web application project and unsure of which technology to use to build it? Two popular options are React (or ReactJS) and Angular. To get a closer look at the strengths of each of these technologies we recently sat down with an Aptera developer who works in each of these every day.

Progressive Web Apps vs Native Mobile Apps

Progressive Web Apps vs. Native Mobile Apps: Which Is Best for Your Use Case?

As mobile becomes increasingly important for business, you might be planning on building a new application for a mobile audience. Before you start development, you’ll have an important decision to make—will you build your app as a progressive web application (PWA) or a traditional mobile app?

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