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Read through our resource hub to find articles on a variety of topics including tips on successfully delivering software projects and blending business and IT, insight into the processes we follow for development, and even information about the technologies we use.

ebook cover titled "5 Habits of Successful Product Owners"

How to Be a Successful Product Owner

Strong Product Owners set the tone for their team and, in turn, see more success. Want to know what makes a strong Product Owner? We’re sharing the habits of successful POs in this article. Free e-book included!

Mark and TK on Aptera Live

The Evolution of the Aptera Academy

The Evolution of the Aptera Academy The Aptera Academy was originally created for developers to learn the hard skills and soft skills needed to jump into client projects.

Lightbulb illustration with four "people" and a check mark. Example of a chart from the teams assessment results.

4 Levels of Software Team Performance

Are you trying to improve the performance of your teams? We’ve identified four levels of team performance to help you assess how your teams work now and what it will take to increase your performance level. Free assessment included.

Migrating to EF Core

Are you considering porting to Entity Framework Core (EF Core) from legacy Entity Framework? You may want to get started sooner rather than later because Microsoft is discontinuing support for original Entity Framework soon. Before you start the migration, learn more about EF Core.

Illustration of the author holding his personal pronouns in an office space

So, What’s the Deal with the Pronouns?

You might have seen them first on LinkedIn, or maybe heard references in an academic setting. “My personal pronouns are he, him, they.” Those pronouns are showing up on Slack profiles and Zoom screens as well. I’ve heard a few questions in the workplace about it. Let’s take a look at these questions so that we can all have a better understanding.

A Quality Analyst’s Take on the Aptera Academy

The Aptera Academy is our in-depth, customized approach to onboarding. The program was designed for developers, but we’ve recently opened it up to clients and non-developers.

Here’s a QA Analyst’s take on it.

John Hightower on Aptera Live.

Improving the Security on Complex Software

When you’re building software, it’s crucial to be aware of security.

To help sort it all out, we recently chatted with John Hightower on Aptera Live. Here’s what he said.

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