3 Reasons to Work with a Small Onshore Development Company

If you’re looking to increase the value of your software development or you need extra hands to lighten the load on your in-house team, outsourcing some of your work to an outside team can be a great solution. In an effort to reduce costs, many companies look directly to outsource with an offshore or nearshore development firm. However, often these partnerships don’t save you money in the long run, and sometimes you can find smaller onshore partners for a similar price.

Whether you choose offshore, nearshore or onshore, each option has its pros and cons. Nearshoring is a growing trend lately, as companies are looking for easier communication while still saving costs. However, you might still end up with different ideas of quality. Many people think staying onshore will cost them more and that the big companies they’ve heard of won’t offer the level of service they are looking for. A great compromise between nearshoring and a large onshore company is looking to small, onshore development companies located in smaller US markets. Here are three reasons why a small, onshore dev team could be the perfect fit.

Why Work with a Small Onshore Development Company?

Clients meeting in person with their onshore development team

Easier Communication

A common frustration of working with far away offshore teams is communication issues. When you work with an onshore partner, you’ll have a team that speaks your same language and is on the same or similar time zone. It can be much easier to plan meetings when everyone’s workday falls into the same hours. A closer physical proximity can also make in-person meetings easier, if that’s something you and your team are interested in.

A Shared Understanding of Quality

Often businesses complain that their outsourced developers don’t share the same expectations around quality. It can be frustrating when you hire an outside team to lighten your workload but then you feel like you need to double check the work they do. If you partner with a smaller, onshore team, not only are the developers you work with likely share your standards off the bat, they’ll also work in close collaboration with you to have a deep, learned understanding of your expectations.

Gain a Trusted Partner

Perhaps the biggest gain of all in working with a small, onshore development team is that you’ll gain a partner who understands your goals. To make the most of your software investment, you’ll want to work with a team who has the skills and focused time to learn your business and who can help you by making value-based recommendations for your software. When you partner with a smaller, onshore development company, you’ll have dedicated people to help you decide which app features will bring the most value to your company and maximize your budget. This is a higher level of service that the larger onshore firms can’t offer, and a smaller company can provide it with a lower hourly rate.
Happy clients shaking hands with members of their onshore development team

We believe that there is customer service value to be gained by choosing a smaller onshore development team as your partner. Finding the right partner who can deliver value in your software will make better use of your investment in the long run. Plus, having that strong working relationship often matters more than location or cost alone.

But we know that sometimes price or other factors are really the bottom line. At the end of the day, deciding where to look for your development partner is up to you what matters most to your organization. It’s all a decision of how you choose to balance level of services, quality and support versus cost.

Does a smaller onshore company feel like a good fit? Learn more about how you can partner with a high-performing team from Aptera.

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Nikki Dent

Nikki Dent

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