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5 Tips for Hiring Developers

The need for qualified software developers only continues to grow and companies looking to increase their development staff are finding that it’s a candidate-driven market. Today’s tech recruiters need to be more strategic than just matching backgrounds or tech stacks with a list of requirements. Essentially, you’ll need to become a sales person for your organization and pitch why your company is a good choice for your candidate. Having been navigating these hiring waters ourselves over the last few years, we’ve picked up a few tips for finding developers for your staff.


Development Onboarding Checklist

Sure, every first day on a new job starts with HR paperwork and an office tour, but to create a culture where developers specifically are set up to thrive, we recommend going a few steps beyond the basic onboarding. Within the first day or two on the job, after showing your new development hire where the coffee is, set them up for success with the points on this onboarding checklist.


How to Start Your Own Onboarding Academy

At Aptera, we’ve taken a unique, customized approach to onboarding new team members. We call our process the Aptera Academy and, in a nutshell, it is a learning and mentorship ramp up period to help new hires get caught up on any hard skills they will need as an Aptera developer. The Academy has grown and evolved over the six years since we started it, and it has proven to be beneficial to our team members. If you’re thinking that you need to formalize the training process for new developers at your company, here’s our guide to starting your own onboarding academy.


17 Go-To Training Resources for Developers

When it comes to technology, there’s always more to learn. When you’re feeling stuck, need to look up a quick reference, or even if you want to learn another programming language, it can be hard to know where to turn. Fellow developers are a great reference for quick questions or even a dedicated Slack channel in your office, but if you’re looking for deeper training, you might want resources to help you learn independently. To point you in the right direction, we asked the Aptera development team for their go-to training resources and complied their answers into this comprehensive list.


Onshore vs. Offshore Software Development: Which Is Right for You?

Do you have a development project coming up that will stretch your development team too thin? If you start looking for an outside partner to help with the work, you’ll quickly be faced with the choice to hire an onshore or an offshore development company. It’s become a topic of much debate, but we believe that there are pros and cons to each. Ultimately the direction that’s right for your company depends on your project and which of several other factors matter most to your business.

quality assurance testing

How Automated Testing Can Improve Your Software

Are you interested in using automated testing in your software project but aren’t sure of the value? We’ve been incorporating automated testing into our projects for years and have been pleased at the value provided both in time saved by our team and success for our clients. In this Engage Aptera video, Automation Engineer Lindsay Mergy shares with Derek Laliberte, Director of Brand Engagement what automated testing does and how it helps dev teams and Product Owners.


Are Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Right for Your Website?

Mobile-friendly websites continue to grow in importance as more users primarily search on their devices and Google moves websites to their mobile-first index. To improve the experience for mobile users, Google introduced accelerated mobile pages (known as AMP) in 2016. This JavaScript framework has been slow to gain wide adoption and a few of our team members just recently worked with it for the first time. It’s an interesting framework with definite pros and cons. If you’re thinking about trying AMP for your website, let our experience be your guide.

Woman at computer reading a vulnerability report

Which Cyber Attacks Should You Worry About?

With new technology security risks in the news almost daily, it can be confusing to know which to take seriously and which are just noise. In this Engage Aptera video, Director of Brand Engagement Derek Laliberte talks with Lead Security Engineer Nathan Buuck about today’s biggest cyber security threats.


Tips for Reporting on Agile Projects

As agile thinking and related frameworks have swept across the software development world, many of their most recognizable features have the biggest impact on day to day development. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to give a lot of framework for reporting progress to budget and timeline-conscious stakeholders.

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