Building a Culture of Learning with the Aptera Academy

By: Nikki Dent

One of the things we’re proud of here at Aptera is our culture of learning. It’s our company mission to empower our employees so they can help transform businesses with software. We seek to give our team members all the tools they need to best serve our clients. In software development, those tools are knowledge of the latest in technology. Employee empowerment starts on your very first day as an Aptera developer with our in-depth, customized approach to onboarding that we call the Aptera Academy.


What Is the Academy?

The Aptera Academy is a blend of learning and mentorship that helps new team members catch up on any hard skills they might need on the job as well as learn the shared vocabulary of an Aptera developer. Training breaks down into two phases: alignment and apprenticeship. The alignment phase is where you study and learn, both with groups and on your own. After completing that phase, you enter apprenticeship where you’ll be assigned to a project team so you can continue your learning alongside other Aptera developers with actual code.

A Custom Approach

One aspect of the Aptera Academy that we think makes it unique is how the learning track is customized for each individual. We try to meet every developer where he or she is and tailor their onboarding and training around both the skills they already know as well as any areas of interest. Developers in the Academy participate in peer-to-peer mentorship as well, helping each other learn and grow and sharing the knowledge they all bring from diverse backgrounds.

Fostering Teamwork

We also believe that the Academy onboarding helps foster a team mentality. When starting a new project, no one will automatically have all the answers for how to solve the problem, so the team will need to work together to get to a solution. We start fostering this team mentality right away in the Academy through pair and mob programming sessions with other developers in the Academy as well as with mentorship and real-world practice in the apprenticeship phase. All in all, we view the Aptera Academy as just another way to empower each and every one of our employees to solve complex business problems for our clients. If you’re interested in joining our team, check out our current openings. Do you think our highly trained team might be a fit for building your company’s software solution? Reach out, we’d love to have a conversation.

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Nikki Dent

About Nikki Dent

Nikki is a technical copywriter for Aptera. With a bachelor’s degree in writing from Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, Ind., she has been honing her craft of marketing copywriting for the past six years. In her role at Aptera, Nikki enjoys learning and writing about the technology and strategy at work across the company.