How Automated Testing Can Improve Your Software

quality assurance testing

Are you interested in using automated testing in your software project but aren’t sure of the value? We’ve been incorporating automated testing into our projects for years and have been pleased at the value provided both in time saved by our team and success for our clients. In this Engage Aptera video, Automation Engineer Lindsay Mergy shares with Derek Laliberte, Director of Brand Engagement what automated testing does and how it helps dev teams and Product Owners.

Tips for Reporting on Agile Projects


As agile thinking and related frameworks have swept across the software development world, many of their most recognizable features have the biggest impact on day to day development. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to give a lot of framework for reporting progress to budget and timeline-conscious stakeholders.

What Should Quality Mean To Your Developers?

Aptera Academy students working together

Everyone is looking for a quality software solution or website, but what does “quality” really mean? It’s one of those terms that gets thrown around a lot, but it means different things to different people. Quality is not only about delivering a solution that works now, but it also encompasses building the technology correctly and avoiding technical debt so you can quickly make adjustments in the future.