How to Be a Successful Product Owner

ebook cover titled "5 Habits of Successful Product Owners"

Strong Product Owners set the tone for their team and, in turn, see more success. Want to know what makes a strong Product Owner? We’re sharing the habits of successful POs in this article. Free e-book included!

Use Value-Based Budgeting to Accurately Budget for Software Development

Team plots out their value-based budget and expected scope

Budgets for agile software development initiatives can be hard to pin down. When starting a new software project, more is unknown than known, but having an accurate budget is very important for the business. This puts a lot of pressure on the Product Owner to get the budget right. No one wants to have to go back to their stakeholders and ask for more money later on.

3 Fears that Hold Product Owners Back


Being a successful Product Owner on a Scrum team is more than just showing up. In this role, you’ll be guiding the vision and the priorities for all development as well as making decisive decisions along the way about the scope, timeline, and budget of the software project. But as anyone who’s worked in software development for any length of time can tell you, projects always hit bumps in the road and to be the best Product Owner you can be means you’ll have to stay the course whenever tricky moments come up. We’ve found that there are three common fears that commonly trip up Product Owners and keep projects from reaching their full potential.