Choosing a Sitefinity Partner - Three Things to Look For

By: Jonathan Read

Sitefinity is one of the most popular Content Management Systems on the market and its growth shows no signs of stopping. As companies decide they want to develop a new site on Sitefinity, they’re faced with a question – how do you choose a partner who’s right for you? At Aptera, we’ve helped hundreds of companies develop successful Sitefinity sites, and here are three of the biggest factors that we’ve found play a huge role in the success of a project.

1. Competencies

Just like there are a lot of different websites and a lot of different CMSs, there are a lot of different things you can do with Sitefinity. If e-commerce is going to be an integral part of your company’s site, it’s important to find a Sitefinity partner that not only knows how to handle it, but has experience tackling the challenges that come up in development and deployment. The same idea applies to mobile web development, third-party integration, cloud technologies, and any other must-haves that your organization knows it needs. As you’re talking with a potential Sitefinity partner, be sure that they’ve got real-world experience with the tech you need, and not just the “know-how.”

2. Partner Tier

While each Sitefinity partner is going to have its areas of strength, Sitefinity has set up a system of partner tiers to help companies considering a Sitefinity deployment choose which partner is the best fit. All Sitefinity partners meet a certain standard of quality, but the partner tiers give you a good idea of the experience each partner brings to the table. Sitefinity’s partner tiers are determined by a number of factors, including the number of sites built in Sitefinity, the number of clients currently working with the partner, and the number of Sitefinity certified developers working with each partner.

3. Chemistry

Building a site in Sitefinity can be a pretty big task, and it’s important to find a partner that’s going to spend the time and energy to make sure the site they’re building is the site your company really needs. At Aptera, we go through a Discovery Process with our clients to set clear goals for the project and ensure that everyone involved knows how success will be determined when the site launches. Whichever partner you’re considering using, it’s important to make sure that they’re doing the research to build the site you need and not simply repurposing the bag of tricks they like to use and calling it “custom.” There’s a lot to consider when you’re launching a new website. After you’ve decided that Sitefinity is the right CMS for your company, the choice of a partner can have a big effect on the success of your project. If you want to learn more about Aptera’s Sitefinity practice, contact us.

About Jonathan Read

Jonathan is an experienced custom website developer and is experienced working with Sitefinity, C#, ASP.NET, RadControls, jQuery, Kendo, and SQL Server. Before coming to Aptera, he worked as a Web Master for two and a half years.