Migrating to EF Core

Are you considering porting to Entity Framework Core (EF Core) from legacy Entity Framework? You may want to get started sooner rather than later because Microsoft is discontinuing support for original Entity Framework soon. However, before you start the migration, learn more about EF Core.

To get a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of EF Core, we recently sat down with an Aptera developer who works in this technology. Hear more from DevOps Engineer Noah Engelberth in this video and then read more below.

What Is EF Core?

Entity Framework Core (EF Core) is the latest update to Microsoft’s Entity Framework. EF Core is centered on the .NET framework, and has several improvements over the legacy Entity Framework — it’s a lightweight, extensible, open source, and cross-platform version. It’s designed to help with performance, reliability, and consistency across different database platforms.

What Are the Pros and Cons of EF Core?

One of the biggest advantages of EF Core is that it focuses on performance and consistency across an array of different platforms. The original Entity Framework was focused on Microsoft SQL Server, but it didn’t work well with other open-source data structures. Now, EF Core is platform agnostic, and will work with most major database providers.

However, there are a few drawbacks to EF Core. It’s more of a rewrite rather than an upgrade. So, it requires more work upfront translating from a legacy Entity Framework to EF Core. Depending on the nature of your queries, it may take a little bit or a full redo of your application. Most things should work but will require a little extra time and thought while you’re upgrading. You’ll want to ensure your queries are structured correctly to get the outcomes your company wants.

When Should You Consider Migrating to EF Core?

Most companies should consider migrating as soon as possible. The legacy version Entity Framework will lose support soon, and at the same time Microsoft is discontinuing support for other .NET framework platforms.

EF Core has a lot of advantages in access that will improve your data, data access, and manipulation. While EF Core is still a tool and you need to use it properly, it has been streamlined, making it easier to write good queries and to maintain your code going forward.

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