The Papers


Business Intelligence, UI/UX Design, Custom Software, Website Development

The Papers is a publisher of 25 weekly and monthly newspapers and magazines in Northern Indiana. They found Aptera at a trying time for them—the Sitefinity website for their Auto & RV publication was down and they were urgently looking for a Sitefinity partner to fix it. Our team stepped in right away and worked through the night to bring the website back up.

We’ve had a close partnership with The Papers, particularly the Auto & RV publication, ever since. The Aptera team has helped The Papers devise a three-phase project to help technologically advance their business. The first phase was implementing business intelligence solutions and building a data dashboard so they could easily see website analytics. Having this data allows their sales staff to prove the value of the publication to potential advertisers with real numbers.

The second phase included development of custom web software to better equip the ad composers at Auto & RV to populate the website. Recently we finished phase three, which involved a complete website re-design for, including UX design and web development and implementation.