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What Is Sitefinity?

By Travis Shafer

C. Ray Harvey, Aptera’s  Director of Strategic Services has worked at Aptera for 8 years and through past lives as a copywriter, project manager, and business analyst, he has worked to engage Aptera’s clients and quickly design solutions for their businesses. He has a passion for defining a process and finding consensus. I sat down to talk with him about what Sitefinity is and how we use it at Aptera for clients.


What is Sitefinity and what’s a CMS?

In this context, a content management system (CMS) is software that allows customers to make updates and changes to their website without a web developer. Aptera uses  Sitefinity, which is a CMS developed by  Telerik.  


Who should use Sitefinity? Small companies, large companies, or personal users?

Anybody can use Sitefinity. But, Sitefinity excels in the Enterprise space. Tools like multi-site management and user-friendly, built-in marketing tools make it essential for IT and marketing.


What kind of skills are needed to use Sitefinity CMS?

Anybody that’s comfortable using online applications can use this system. Essentially, if you can Facebook, you can use Sitefinity. You don’t even need to know any web development languages to use this system. But if you wanted to customize the system like our Sitefinity experts, then some of the languages you’d need to know are: C#, ASP.Net, XML, WCF, JavaScript, CSS, HTML.


Why would you use Sitefinity over another CMS, such as Wordpress?

WordPress is system specifically built for managing blogs and doesn’t have a whole lot of focus on other types of content. Sitefinity is an all-in-one content management solution for a website – whether you have news, blogs, events, forms, or just simple pages.


Does Sitefinity provide hosting?

No, Sitefinity doesn’t provide hosting. You have to provide your own Windows server.


How long has Sitefinity been around?

Sitefinity has been around since 2005, and Aptera has been using it for 10+ years.


Security is always an issue /concern for companies? How secure is Sitefinity?

In the 10+ years that Aptera has been using Sitefinity, we have not had a single hack or virus attack.


So Sitefinity has to be hosted on a Windows server?

Yes, ASP.NET is the Microsoft web language that this CMS is based on. So it must be hosted on a Windows Server.   


What about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Sitefinity?

Since the upgrade to version 11, many changes were made to the system to optimize websites for SEO. The system generates lowercase, extension-less URLs on a page-by-page basis and also allows you to customize the typical meta-data (title, description, keywords). You can also manage search indexing on a page level.


What version is Sitefinity on now?



Are there any new features that really stand out in this new version?

Many of the most readily noticeable changes in Sitefinity 11 focus on content creation. There’s a brand-new UI for both the content management page and the content editor. The all-new content editor features a clean, minimal design aimed at keeping content creators focused. This includes what Sitefinity calls, “progressively-discoverable” features—buttons that only appear with a click or a hover.

The Sitefinity 11 upgrade also includes new features just for developers. First, there is a new Visual Studio extension, Sitefinity VSIX, that will enable you to spend less time on smaller tasks by using scaffolds for MVC. 


Should everybody be running on the newest version? Why?

Sitefinity 10 was a powerful tool – but Sitefinity 11.0 has brought a whole bunch of exciting features. One of the most popular reasons to upgrade is the addition of a web security module. This module introduces a new layer of protection with HTTP headers that include a warnings report. The security module also prevents cross-site scripting and other threats. All settings are easily configurable by administrators.


Why would I change to Sitefinity?

With Sitefinity, you no longer need to pull in your IT team or pay your vendor for simple tasks. You can have any Sitefinity partner in the world do additional development work for you—you’re no longer tied to a specific vendor.


You mentioned Sitefinity partner. What does that mean exactly?

Yes, Aptera is actually an  Elite Partner with Sitefinity – we are among the top partners (based on project quantity) and according to “ Sitefinity” we have some of the best design talent.


Are there Sitefinity certifications?

Yes and our entire webteam is Sitefinity certified to provide the best solutions to our customers. 


Sitefinity offers a long list of features you can leverage within their CMS platform. Contact Aptera today to see what we can build for you.


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