What's New in the Sitefinity 11.0 Upgrade?

At the end of May 2018, Sitefinity released an upgrade to their CMS platform—Sitefinity 11.0.

This latest version features a host of new features both for marketers and developers using the platform. As users start to make the shift towards Sitefinity 11.0, we’re breaking down the biggest new features, so you’ll know what to expect when you switch.

For the Marketers

Many of the most readily noticeable changes in Sitefinity 11 focus on content creation. There’s a brand-new UI for both the content management page and the content editor. The all new content editor features a clean, minimal design aimed at keeping content creators focused. This includes what Sitefinity calls, “progressively-discoverable” features—buttons that only appear with a click or a hover. The content editing experience also features a new image library with full previews of each photo and an embed feature that lets you easily embed videos and tweets right in the WYSIWYG editor. If you want to dig into the HTML code, it’s now cleanly displayed in a code editor similar to Visual Studio with autocomplete code suggestions.
Other features that might be of interest to marketers are upgraded search utilities and a new AI chatbot integration. Both search services have been upgraded so you now can make use of Elastic v. 5.0.5 or Lucene v. 3.0.3. and a new feature in the admin panel has simplified integration of API services like Progress’ NativeChat.

For the Developers

The Sitefinity 11 upgrade also includes new features just for developers. First, there is a new Visual Studio extension, Sitefinity VSIX, that will enable you to spend less time on smaller tasks by using scaffolds for MVC. Additionally, Sitefinity has improved the MVC framework so that the MVC content widgets now display a single content item in the detail view.

Another big improvement is the addition of a web security module. This module introduces a new layer of protection with HTTP headers that include a warnings report. The security module also prevents cross-site scripting and other threats. All settings are easily configurable by administrators.

Additionally, Sitefinity 11 allows for easy, one-click deployment to Azure. This also includes improved Azure deployment resources and improved authentication resources.

How to Upgrade to Sitefinity 11

Interested in making the switch to the latest version of Sitefinity? All new installations will use Sitefinity 11 by default, and current users can easily upgrade their platform. It should be noted that the new content editing UI will not be turned on automatically after an upgrade, you’ll need to turn it on yourself. If at any time after the update you discover that you can’t find a feature you need in the new UI, you can toggle back to the old version to complete your task. You can read the full details of the new release in Sitefinity’s version notes. The Aptera team can help you update your Sitefinity to version 11 or get started with the platform. Reach out to us today to learn more about our Sitefinity development services.

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Nikki Dent

Nikki Dent

Nikki is a technical copywriter for Aptera. She has a Bachelor’s degree in writing from Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, Ind. In her role at Aptera, Nikki enjoys learning and writing about the technology and strategy at work across the company.

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