Which Cyber Attacks Should You Worry About?

With new technology security risks in the news almost daily, it can be confusing to know which to take seriously and which are just noise. In this Engage Aptera video, Director of Brand Engagement Derek Laliberte talks with Lead Security Engineer Nathan Buuck about today’s biggest cyber security threats.

In the video, Derek mentions one threat that made news recently: acoustic listening. This is the idea that a hacker could use the speakers on your computer or mobile device to listen to the sound your typing produces, run it through an algorithm and then infer what you typed, making your passwords vulnerable. Nathan explains how this is more of an academic threat than a real-world one; meaning that a group of academics came up with the hypothesis of acoustic listening and then proved its feasibility. There aren’t known attacks being carried out this way, but scholarly white-hat hackers now know that technology would support it. In general, though, developers are trying to move away from passwords to more secure systems.

However, Nathan says that the biggest cyber security threat to organizations is unpatched systems. Let’s take a closer look at what that threat entails and how you can mitigate it for your business.

What Is an Unpatched System?

As applications, operating systems, and firmware age, they need to be updated, fixed and improved. The updates that provide these fixes are known as patches and they often fix security vulnerabilities and offer performance improvements. It’s very common for companies to fall behind on installing these patches, which leaves their systems open to attack.

How to Protect Your Systems

To protect yourself and your systems from malicious attackers, it’s crucial to make vulnerability management a priority. Stay on top of what vulnerabilities are out there and react to them as quickly as possible so that you don’t fall behind on patching. It can also be helpful to prioritize patching by fixing critical vulnerabilities first, since hackers tend to seek out openings that are already proven to work.

There will always be hackers out there looking for an easy opening. Don’t let your unpatched system be their gateway. If you’re looking for a development partner that prioritizes security, we’d love to talk to you.

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Nikki Dent

Nikki Dent

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