Why You Should Choose Sitefinity as Your CMS

Is your company looking to add a .NET-based content management system (CMS) to your website? CMS platforms allow your marketing team to easily add, change, and maintain content on your website. Here at Aptera, we have found Sitefinity to be a strong CMS platform for a variety of types and sizes of businesses. If Sitefinity is a CMS you’re considering, let’s take a closer look at their package options and features as well as the hosting and the knowledge base your team will need to get started.

Who Can Use Sitefinity?

Sitefinity is available in four different editions that offer growing numbers of features to cater businesses of all sizes. The four editions are: Standard, Professional, Online Marketing, and Enterprise Edition.

Standard Edition is geared toward small-businesses and offers basic CMS features and a few integration capabilities. It allows for two editors to use the system at a time. While this is an available option, it’s not one that’s highly advertised by Sitefinity. The next level up is where businesses typically start with Sitefinity, the Professional Edition. This level offers up to 10 concurrent users and lets you create a multi-site instance. The multi-site feature lets you create different domains for regional websites or partner brands. It also lets administrators set segmented permissions for users on each of the websites. Additionally, Professional Edition brings a level of load balancing, so servers aren’t overrun.

For mid-size to larger companies, Sitefinity offers the Online Marketing Edition. This version offers everything included in Professional Edition, plus an additional 5 users and added marketing features. For example, the Online Marketing Edition also includes Sitefinity’s Digital Experience Cloud, which provides personalization functionality that gives you the ability to greet returning customers by name, display customized product or content recommendations, and more. You can also connect your marketing or CRM system to Sitefinity with this package.

The top tier is Enterprise Edition. This is the package that offers the most features and an unlimited number of users. Enterprise Edition is perfect for large businesses and easily connects to all your other marketing and sales systems including Salesforce and Marketo.

A Few of Sitefinity’s Top Features

Sitefinity has a wide range of features that help make your website easy to manage and secure. However, there are a few that stand out to us as being a cut above similar CMS tools.

One of our favorite features of Sitefinity is their great content interface. It’s very easy to change, edit, and add content to your website and know exactly what the final product will look like with Sitefinity’s drag and drop editor. Another feature that marketers may find appealing is that Sitefinity supports various sign-in authenticators, so you can keep things simple for your users and allow them to sign into your site via their Facebook or Google accounts, for example.


On a more technical level, the fact that Sitefinity runs on the .NET platform makes integrating it with other systems simple. .NET is a strong, well-supported platform that adds flexibility to your set up and that you can trust to be supported in the future. Additionally, the granular permission levels available in Sitefinity help to keep the platform secure.

Hosting is also flexible with Sitefinity. You can choose to self-host or you can use a platform as a service like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. Using a cloud platform like AWS or Azure comes with added benefits, too, like automated backups and a site set-up that’s easy to scale as your business grows.

What Skills Are Needed for Sitefinity?

There are three roles of employees in your organization who will be involved with your Sitefinity instance: a technical administrator, a developer, and a content administrator. The technical admin is the person who will be in charge of setting up the hosting of Sitefinity. Sitefinity runs on Windows and SQL Server, so it would be helpful for this person to have a working knowledge of .NET hosting using SQL Server. For your web developer, an understanding of the .NET framework is essential as well as experience in the MVC frontend framework. This person will also need to have access to the Sitefinity data in their code. Content administrators are the people who will use Sitefinity day-to-day to update the content on your site. These team members will need platform training to learn how to use the UI builder tools. It’s also a good idea for the content team to keep in mind SEO best practices and ADA compliance to make sure the website’s content stays in the best format for visitors and search engines. If you’re feeling unsure or overwhelmed by any of these skills, don’t worry. Aptera offers a variety of Sitefinity training tracks and we can get all your team members up to speed on any of the skills mentioned above.

Our Opinion Overall

Sitefinity is our go-to CMS platform. We’ve found it to have a strong offering of features for the price and have seen it work for business after business in a variety of industries. In fact, we’re recognized as Sitefinity Elite partners, for all the projects we have done using the platform. If Sitefinity is sounding like a match for your company, we can help. Learn more about our Sitefinity development experience on our website or reach out and start a conversation with us today.

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Nikki Dent

Nikki Dent

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