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Learn, Develop, Teach, and Grow in a High-Tech Environment

From our founding, we have sought to create meaningful interactions with both our clients and teammates that inspire them to share their experiences with others. Much of our early growth came by word of mouth, not only on the client side, but with team members as well. Why? Because smart, growing people like to work with other smart, growing people. Creating an environment where clever, life-long learners want to work with one another has always been a key piece of Aptera’s success and it continues to be our mission and inform how we hire, learn, and grow.


Our team is made up of developers, designers, project managers, marketers, and strategists, but we all come to work for the culture of learning and to create great software for our clients.

Software Developer Chris Pearson thinks the culture at Aptera makes the difference:

“What I like best about working at Aptera is the culture. We have some really smart people here and they’re always eager to impart their knowledge onto others... Technology is an area that requires learning and using tools in a myriad of different areas, from web, desktop, and even mobile platforms and we are all are eager to grow in those spaces.”


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Join us full-time to work and learn alongside our team at our headquarters in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana. Share an environment constructed to focus on collaboration, quality, and growth.

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Join our team and grow by working on sophisticated projects and learning with other highly skilled professionals, while working remotely the majority of the time and visiting on a regular basis to take advantage of our headquarters.

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Gain real project experience while working with tenured experts in our Fort Wayne, Indiana headquarters. Beyond technical skills, you’ll learn the ins and outs of working on a well-rounded team and collaborating with clients.



Across various roles, from development to sales to design and testing, Aptera provides both cultural onboarding as well as technical onboarding. We have a creative environment that grows through input from every member of a team, so understanding why we operate how we do and learning how to leverage your team is as critical as writing solid code. You’ll have an opportunity to meet with and shadow members of various teams as you get up to speed on the ins-and-outs of your day-to-day activities and technical skills.


Our development team provides an academy for learning the technologies and patterns we use at Aptera as well as the agile DevOps processes we use for team and client interaction. This isn’t done in a vacuum; whether you’re in our office Monday-Friday or working remotely, you’ll have a chance to work alongside experienced team members and ask questions to get up to speed through pairing, mobbing, and cross-team workshops. Ongoing workshops are provided to continue learning and sharing new information within and across areas of expertise.

Working with the Team

Aptera operates in cross-functional project teams. That means development, project management, sales, business analysis, and testing all form one team and pitch in to help the project. Most teams meet daily to share information and at other regular intervals to define upcoming work and plan sprints—all standard Agile practices. However, teams are also encouraged to communicate and collaborate on an ad-hoc basis to quickly resolve concerns and strategize together.

Working with Clients

In pursuing our mission, Aptera strives to not only create great, share-worthy experiences for our team members, but also our clients. We believe trust and collaboration are essential to that experience. We operate using Agile principles that result in open invitations to clients for daily standups and mandatory attendance in planning and defining meetings. We share responsibility for their success, and that means making sure they invest the time necessary to foster a true partnership. In turn, we guard their interest and provide all the information necessary to make smart decisions about their products and business.


Aptera offer internships across various areas of expertise including development, design, and marketing to students from local schools and other interested parties. Unlike internships with little hands-on experiences or access to team members, Aptera interns work on real projects with real teams. Expectations are set accordingly and the chance to truly grow and attain valuable expertise is rich. Many internships result in future careers with Aptera or the skills to seek careers in other modern technology environments.

Living Downtown

While not all positions require you to be in the office for the full work week, we pride ourselves on our location. In the heart of a growing city, Fort Wayne, Indiana, we are within walking distance to plenty of delicious coffee, food, and drink options as well as an increasing number of social activities and community events. We’ve been dedicated to downtown for over ten years and recently renovated and moved into a new location with room for collaboration and expansion.

The Journey

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Provide a description of your achievements, skills, and desire to work at Aptera in an open position

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Provide an overview of your history, qualifications, and aspirations via a conference with Aptera’s Hiring Manager

In-Person Interview

Meet the head of your team and people in the role you are pursuing to gauge qualification, determine interest, and answer questions

Coffee Interview

Meet and learn from other members of the team through a more informal Q&A session over coffee or a snack


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