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Accurate, timely, and actionable information is the foundation for organizations of any size to grow and be successful. From Business Intelligence, reporting and data warehousing, to big data, embedded BI, and the Internet of things, Aptera's expertise can help lift your business to new heights with solutions to provide better, faster decision making without the bottlenecks.

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Business Intelligence Solutions

DevOps for BI

The melding of IT operations with software development grants opportunities to better integrate into business and provide efficiencies which drive value quicker. Aptera's Digital Intelligence team has adopted an agile, DevOps approach to BI projects, enabling projects to seamlessly bring IT and infrastructure experience alongside software development knowledge bringing the entirety of Aptera's vast know-how to your next project.

Quick Launch Project

If you're ready to move forward and do away with the slow and inaccurate approach to reporting but don’t know where to start, Aptera's Quick Launch program is for you! With Quick Launch, organizations can be up and running with better, faster decision making in only 2 weeks. Don't be at the mercy of long-running projects that don't provide value until it's all over.

Project Rescue

Technology moves at a very fast pace and so does your business. Without the right technologies and expertise, it's easy to fall behind the rigorous day to day demands that drive your company. Whether you've just started an initiative to drive better decision making or you have an existing solution that simply can't keep up anymore, Aptera Digital Intelligence can help you keep pace and reach the finish line.

Aptera's Quick Launch program
Custom Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Whether your data starts out life in a state of the art ERP or EMR system, or simply began as a spreadsheet, properly visualizing it to uncover patterns, outliers, or to see key pieces of information quickly and easily is one of the most important parts of good business decision making. From one-off custom visuals to self-service reports, Aptera can help.

Health Check

An accurate and efficient decision support system can be transformative and make the decision-making process easy. But they're also easy to get wrong and paint yourself into a corner. If your organization is experiencing issues with performance, security, availability, or usability, an Aptera Health Check may be just what the doctor ordered.

Integration Experts

From Enterprise Application Integration and Service Buses to IoT and fully automated and compliant EDI, Aptera's Business Integration team can help you recover wasted time and efficiency.

Learn more about our Integration Services.

IOT Devices

 IOT Meets BI

With the rise of IOT devices and the astounding amount of data they can generate, it becomes incredibly important to capture, store, and utilize that data.  Whether it's 10 devices, or 10,000, Aptera's Digital Intelligence team can create a solution tailored to your specific needs.

Centralized BI Management

 Embedded BI

BI isn't just a tool and no longer does it have to be on an island on its own. Create a more efficient and intuitive decision-making environment by embedding analytics and reporting into the applications and websites that you or your customers use most, complete with easy, centralized management. You can even use your existing security!

Cloud-based BI Solutions

Cloud BI

More and more organizations are finding reasons to put their analytics and reporting initiatives in the cloud. Whether you want to take advantage of the high-availability, scalability, cost, or simply don't want to install another patch or update, a cloud-based BI solution can fit the bill.

Big Data Experience

Big Data

There's a lot of data in the world. It's big and it's fast and the right solution can allow your organization to take advantage of that data. From big data solutions and streaming analytics to machine learning and real-time dashboarding, Aptera's big data experience can help craft the custom solution to take you to the next level.

How We Help

“When projects become available and we need outside assistance, we do look to Aptera as a source of technical knowledge.”


- Tracey Brown, Franklin Electric IT Applications Director


  • Hospital Staffing and Capacity Planning
  • Bed Utilization 
  • Track forecasts, revenue, and expenses 
  • Track headcount and turnover 
  • Employee Immunization rates 
  • Historic security auditing 
  • Analyze Patient/Provider survey results 
  • Track insurance claims, enrollments



  • Track inventory and inventory turns
  • Analyze Bills of Materials 
  • Item Profitability 
  • Supplier/Reseller performance tracking 
  • Track workstation output and scrap 
  • Track warranty and return trends 
  • Tracking the effect of product revisions


  • Analyze results of A/B testing 
  • Analyze effectiveness of promotions 
  • Better identify target market and personas 
  • Combine data from marketing systems and ERP/Financial/CRM systems to associate promotions directly back to actual dollars 
  • Track leads at any point of your marketing funnel


  • Monthly financial reporting
  • Store or branch performance 
  • Salesperson performance 
  • Inventory analysis 
  • Track and trend revenue, margins, and profits

Some of the tech we like:

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI

Tableau Software


Micosoft SQL Server

SQL Server

Microsoft Azure


Qlik Software


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