Custom Software Development

Connect with your customers and increase your efficiency with a custom software application. Whether you need a web based app, are considering a mobile solution, or want to dive into virtual reality, Aptera crafts a custom software solution focused on rapidly delivering value.

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Augmented Reality Solutions

>> Prioritization by Business Value and Usability

Further empower your deep knowledge of your business by combining it with our team’s experts in users experience, continuous improvement, and agile methodologies. By using advanced DevOps practices, we help you prioritize and build features based on your needs. As it's developed, each feature is available for you to test to ensure it drives value and is in keeping with your vision.

>> Quality Built in at Every Stage

Quality Assurance for your app begins at kickoff. You'll benefit from working with industry leading developers who are up to date on the latest certifications and leverage the full range of technologies like unit and integration tests. The result is rapid development of reliable code in a user-friendly application.

>> Air-Tight Security

Whether your application needs to comply with industry regulations or you simply want to offer your customers and employees the assurance that their information is secure, you’ll have access to the most advanced enterprise-grade security measures

>> From Mobile Apps to AR and VR, with a Results-Driven Strategic Focus

Securing your lock on the market leader position begins with identifying a better way to connect with customers or coordinate your workers. Then it takes a results-driven strategy to turn your idea into a reality.


Web Solutions

The power to access the information you and your customers need from anywhere. All through an intuitive interface with an eye to providing top-notch user experiences, optimizing engagement and managing data.   

Web Solutions


Set your brand apart with this secret weapon of sales performance. Delight customers with product customization tools and quote creators that will set you far ahead of your competitors and improve the user experience.  


Mobile Apps

Connect with customers, coordinate workers, and watch engagement soar. Native iOS and Android apps, as well as device-agnostic web apps, will deepen customer engagement and provide advanced capabilities.   

Mobile Apps

Augmented Reality 

AR and VR apps are the next stage in marketing and tech. Take the lead in your industry, by being the first to market with this incredible immersive technology. Let your customers imagine reality in ways they didn't know were possible.   

Virtual Reality




Navigating Tech Landscape 

Navigate the complex and changing tech landscape by partnering with Aptera. Our team never stops testing the ground and blazing new trails. Contact us today and let us be your guide to lasting success.

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