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Quality development services that maximize the value of your investment.

At Aptera we believe that focusing on quality is the single most effective way to control the overall cost of custom software projects. Doing things “the right way” reduces testing time, rework and timelines. We continuously improve our process for developing custom software to ensure each solution is delivered successfully.

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The Aptera Difference


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Aptera's agile process is how we do work, but our results-driven mindset dictates why we work. Before, during, and after every line of code is written, the purpose of our work is always in mind. In design, we consider the ultimate effect that delivering functionality will show in your business. As we produce code, our requirements establish value and our testing ensures that value, not just the functionality, is upheld. 


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The Aptera process for custom software development focuses on quickly capturing an overall vision for the project and dividing the projects into small features. We then proceed through an iterative process of planning, development and delivery that tightly couples the product owner with the technical team. This process offers the product owner the flexibility to make changes while quickly delivering value to your organization.


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We care about quality. The process of automated testing and Quality Assurance is something we focus on at all stages of the development process. This starts with having clear acceptance criteria, using test driven development and having our QA team verifying 100% completeness as the work is performed.


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We don’t outsource. Aptera has a large in-house development team with a long track record of successfully delivering projects. Members of our team are regularly invited to speak at conferences and enjoy teaching other teams the latest development techniques.


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Custom software projects are notorious for budget overruns. Our process stresses the importance of predictable timelines and budgets.


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We understand the success of custom software projects require team work and communication. We believe that communication should be frequent and honest.



Custom Software Solutions

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Mobile Solutions

Mobile solutions provide unique opportunities to interact with your customers, not only through their touch screens but through Bluetooth Integration and wearable tech. We can help you create and integrate solutions on whichever platform provides the most value in your users' mobile moments.

Learn more about our Mobile Applications.


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Augmented + Virtual Reality

Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality solutions are a great way to boost engagement with your product or service. Our custom solutions can be delivered across all platforms including mobile devices, digital eyewear, and VR headsets.

Learn more about our AR & VR Applications.

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Product Configurators

Allowing customers to interact, price and order your products or service is a great way to increase sales and drive brand loyalty. Our experience delivering these types of solutions across various industries allows us to minimize cost while delivering a solution that meets the specific needs of your business.

Learn more about our Product Configurators.

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Web Apps

With the advances in web technologies, the prevalence of cloud computing, and the connected nature of employees, traditional line of business applications that were once installed on a desktop are becoming a thing of the past. Web applications leveraging modern design principles can increase productivity, reduce administrative costs, improve job and customer satisfaction, and generate additional revenue.

Learn more about our Web Applications.

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Accelerated Development

Our specialty is helping clients deliver cutting-edge mobile and web solutions... fast. Our process focuses on quality, simplicity and delivering value. If you are tired of budget and timeline overruns or simply need to deliver a project on a tight timeline, we can help.

Learn more about our Accelerated Software Development.

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Automated Testing

Aptera uses automated testing to maximize the productivity of our developers and ensure the solutions we build are high quality. We also provide automated testing, training and mentoring services to our clients who want to add automated testing to existing applications or applications that they are currently building with their own development staff.

Learn more about our Automated Testing.




How We Can Help 

New Projects

If your company is planning a new custom project we can help you put the things in place that will make it successful.  We can take full control of the project from requirement to launch or we can simply supplement your team for needed expertise or bandwidth.

Project Rescue

If you have a current custom project that is having budget/timeline overruns or quality issues we can help get your project back on track. We specialize in taking over ‘in-trouble’ projects and successfully moving them into production.


If your team is trying to adopt DevOps or agile concepts from automated testing, security or continuous integration we provide hands-on training and mentoring.

Learn more about  DevOps Training


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