Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

Custom Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality Solutions

Immersive technologies provide an unparalleled opportunity to connect products or services with potential and existing customers. Whether using facial recognition features in a new mobile app or creating a program that allows corporate builders to map existing structures, these technologies connect the real world with the digital for progressive business strategies.

While many business owners acknowledge the potential for AR, VR, or mixed reality solutions, they’re not sure how to choose the right option. The application of these capabilities is vast and can be adjusted to a wide variety of marketing, sales, production, training, and education scenarios.  

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AR & VR Applications

Using Immersive Technologies in Business

We can help narrow down the options with immersive technologies, test and develop them, and aid in implementing and promoting them. 

Product Experience 

Virtual reality can give end customers the ability to interact with a product. Potential buyers can visualize and personalize products before they’re purchased. These solutions give businesses the benefit of providing customers with self-guided product interaction at very little cost.

Design and Experimentation

Immersive technologies can give designers and engineers the ability to experiment in a virtual world where items can be moved around, resized or configured. This provides an easy and inexpensive way to experiment and create new designs. It can also shorten the execution to market and maximize on innovation. 


Virtual spaces can allow entire teams to collaborate on projects simultaneously from different locations. This option has the potential to connect remote workers to their teams, or to help representatives connect better with customers needing service.  

Training and Instruction 

Augmented reality can allow people to overlay text and other imagery on products. This lends to virtual simulations that can walk a person through the steps to configure a product, train them on use, or make repairs to a product. This ability can greatly reduce the costs of customer service and increase overall satisfaction. 

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Aptera Approach to AR/VR Projects 

Aptera can help your company create the correct strategy for leveraging immersive technologies for your business and help you quickly bring the idea to market. 

Business Value 

We start with understanding your product, your customers, and the overall value that will be provided by offering an immersive technology solution. From there we identify the functionality that will be required and source for images or other data that will be needed to create the solution.

Identify the Correct Platform 

After establishing business value, we determine the most effective way to reach and interact with your audience using the proper technology. This involves selecting the correct platform that provides users the best experience with consideration to overall cost and availability of the platform.

Develop POC 

Once the platform has been selected, the primary functionality is implemented as a proof of concept. The goal is to ensure intended users can experience the solution as soon as possible. This allows the concept and technology to be verified before a significant investment is made on development.

Refine and Enhance 

After feedback has been received from users of the POC, additional functionality and refinements are made to the immersive technology solution. The solution is then made available to the wider audience where additional refinements can continue to be added as user feedback is received.

Want to explore how your business can use augmented, virtual, or mixed reality?

Immersive technologies provide access to untapped solutions that can increase revenue, establish new business relationships, or simplify internal processes. 

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