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Create mobile moments with your brand.

The ability to connect with your customers through the devices they hold is a powerful tool in the struggle to maintain engagement with your brand. Beyond an understanding of the technology, you need to understand the moments when your unique offering will add value, efficiency, and even excitement to your users' workflow.

Aptera specializes in not only delivering well-designed, tested, and supported applications for mobile platforms, but in first creating a strategy for engagement. This strategy not only guides the user interface for your mobile app, but dictates the strategy for UX testing, marketing, measuring engagement, and ongoing enhancement of that application as it finds its way into the hands and daily life of your users.

Start Crafting a Strategy
Custom Mobile Application

Mobile Development for Any Platform

Mobile devices are an integral part of the digital world, but no single platform has the definitive edge on the others. In addition to native apps, responsive design patterns on the web have made mobile-friendly web applications a viable option for many solutions. Aptera can help you navigate the landscape of platforms and devices, using an understanding of your users' needs to balance user experience with time-to-market, performance, and maintenance considerations.

Whichever platform or approach best suits the needs of your business or users, Aptera can craft a design that meets user experience and accessibility standards that bring value to your audience on the devices where they work, learn, and share.



iOS Development

iOS App Store Solutions

iOS users associate their devices with simple yet powerful experiences. We can help you design and deliver that experience. Aptera's developers use native languages like Objective-C, C++, and Swift to create solutions that meet App Store requirements and iOS design standards while utilizing the benefits of tightly-integrated iPhone and iPad hardware capabilities.


Android Development

Android Marketplace Apps

Android represents flexibility and personalization. As the platform of choice for many mobile device makers, its wide adoption means exposure to a large user base with varying device capabilities. Aptera can help you leverage the freedom of Android's open-source construction while ensuring that your users' experience upholds the vision and standard of your brand across device platforms.


HTML5 Development

HTML5 Responsive Apps

Depending on the needs of your business, creating a web application that can be accessed from a mobile web browser might be a faster way to get your app in the hands of users. It's important to weigh savings in development and support against needs for performance, offline access, and hardware integration. Aptera can help you weigh the pros and cons to evaluate the feasibility of an HTML5 web application.


Cross Platform Mobile Development

Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-platform tools allow developers to write mobile apps for iOS, Android, and other popular mobile platforms using non-native languages. Efficiency is gained by building functionality for multiple devices in a single language. However, like responsive web app development, cross-platform development requires you to weigh performance and hardware integration against speed to deliver. Let us help you find the best path forward for your application.




Mobile Development Strategy

Creating engaging and effective mobile moments with your users requires more than just the perfect idea for what your users can do through an app. You must also understand the purpose and setting for that interaction. That's why Aptera begins each mobile engagement with strategy workshops.

By understanding more about who your users are and where, when, and why they will use the app, we can not only design a user experience to matches their workflow but a strategy for engagement that ensures we are measuring success and adjusting accordingly.


Aptera's strategies for mobile apps include the following to ensure a clear vision, strong engagement, and ongoing success:

Strategic Vision Mapping

User Persona Definition

Stakeholder Interviews

User Journey Mapping

User Story Documentation

Interactive Wireframe Sessions

User Interface Design

Prototype Construction

User Experience Testing

Security + Compliance Assessment

Analytics Strategy 

Ongoing Support + Release Strategy




Agile Mobile Development, Driven by Results

Aptera practices an agile approach in mobile application development because we believe that no successful application stops delivering value after version 1. We leverage this mindset by helping you identify the most critical features of your app and prioritize them so that your functionality finds its way into the hands of real users as early as possible.

By establishing baselines for the results you want to drive through your application and creating a rhythm of release, we keep you on a results-driven path that balances budget and timeline by constantly delivering value for your business and your users


Learn more about our Results-Driven Design approach to app and web development.

Mobile App Interface Development

A mobile app development partner for every platform.

From our mobile moment strategies to our cross-platform expertise and agile delivery methods, Aptera can set you up for success in the ever-evolving mobile landscape.