Product Configurators and CPQ Software Solutions

Allow your customers to configure products and price services.

At Aptera, we are continually challenged to help our clients stand out from competition by developing unique experiences for their customers. One of the ways we do this is by creating cutting-edge product configurators. Product configurators are web or mobile solutions that allow people to personalize a product or service.


Let's Talk About a Proof of Concept

Configurator Design

Aptera's product configurators are built for web and mobile platforms using the latest technologies.  Each one is designed to fit your product/service, not the other way around. This allows it to highlight the features that make your product/service special.

While each product configurator we create is unique and particular to its market, most share a set of common features. This allows us to reduce cost for you by leveraging our experience and completed projects while providing a configurator that is customized to fit the specific needs of your product/service.

Messenger Stationery Configurator



The first step in delivering a configurator for your business is designing a proof of concept that establishes a clear vision of your future configurator. We’ll collaborate with you through a series of brief sessions that take your team from high-level goals of the configuration experience down to the specific features that allow you to meet those goals. Areas of focus will include:



Product Characteristics

Product Characteristics

This session will explore and document all properties of the products, related products, pricing, and audience targeting.

Buyer Journey

Buyer Journey

This session will explore and document the various scenarios that a customer will interact with the configurator, exploring opportunities to upsell through customization and bundling.  

Data sources and Integrations

Data sources and Integrations

This session will identify the source of any product or pricing information and that the configurator may need to exchange with other systems.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis

This session will explore the tools provided by competitors and ensure the configurator is correctly positioned in the market.

Platform Selection

Platform Selection

This session will determine the optimal platform(s) (phone, tablet or web) to reach your target audience.


These sessions allow us to determine the correct balance of features that will meet your goals while fitting into your identified budget. Along the way, white-boarding sessions, wireframes, and prototypes will be used to flesh out the details.



Configurator Development

Once we establish a shared vision for your configurator, we use an agile delivery process focused on quick delivery of value and quality. This process allows you see features as they are completed and provides the flexibility to give feedback, which may lead to new features, re-prioritization, and adjustments along the way.

Configurator Support

Aptera takes the work of support off your hands by offering a full range of support services. From cloud-based hosting to monitoring and performance tuning, our support services can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business.

Nucor Configurator

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