Custom Web Apps

We create enterprise-grade custom web applications that are secure and scalable while pushing the edge of what can be achieved in a web-browser.

Our strategists think big and work quickly to capture your vision and present a solution that balances meeting your business goals and staying within your budget. When it is time to move from planning to implementation, you will work with a technical team that develops fast and tests thoroughly for all features, browsers and platforms.

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Web App Interface Development

The web applications that we create are successful because we have the business experience to be consultative on what works, use project teams with deep technical expertise and execute projects using a proven process.


Innovative Consulting

Innovative Consulting

We will not just show up and ask what you want us to build. Instead, we'll ask about the unique problem you want to solve and bring to the table years of experience in technology and digital marketing to help you design a web app that solves it.



Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise

Our large in-house development team is well versed in the latest technologies and coding techniques. Our team takes pride in developing apps that deliver quality, performance and extraordinary user experience.


Agile DevOps

Agile DevOps

Our process focuses on using close collaboration and frequent communication to quickly deliver functional custom web apps. We deliver small, fast, and with tight integration between development, QA, and deployment. 

Benefits of Aptera Web Apps

Great User Experience

Aptera designs each solution with usability in mind.  We also make sure cross-browser and platform functionality is taken into consideration during development and testing.

Strong Security

Security is an important consideration for any web application. Aptera has a formal security process for all of the custom web applications that we develop.

High Performance

Users expect web applications to respond quickly to user inputs and return data quickly. Aptera gathers user statistics and considers future usage when architecting each solution.

Stable Operation

Aptera uses test driven development and automated testing so that our web solutions are delivered bug free and provide continued stable operation.


Aptera uses proper architecture and coding techniques to ensure our web applications can be enhanced and easily maintained by other development teams.

Our team of strategists, designers, developers and QA professionals love developing high-performance, scalable, custom web applications. Let us help you bring your idea for a custom web application to life.