Many businesses are stuck in the early aughts when it comes to their online marketing strategies. Ten years ago, digital marketing meant building a great-looking website and peppering the pages with the keywords your prospective customers were most likely to type into search engines. But the algorithms search engines use today are much more sophisticated. The average denizen of the digital realm is a lot savvier. And people are using a much wider array of devices.

To be competitive in the modern marketing arena, you need a website that goes beyond slick graphics. Websites today are:

  • Clean and minimalist in their design to avoid busy displays and long loading times
  • Responsive to adjust to various screen sizes
  • Interactive and easy to navigate to encourage engagement

But your website is only one aspect of a successful digital marketing strategy. Many of your customers will be learning about your business from a mobile device. And if you succeed in piquing their interest the next step is searching an app store for your name. The level of user engagement mobile apps open the way for is something most businesses simply can’t afford not to take advantage of these days.

The percentage of businesses now making the most of the opportunity represented by mobile apps is so high that it’s really not enough anymore to have a website that shrinks to accommodate smaller screen sizes. The most successful apps: 

  • Offer something of value so they’ll be downloaded
  • Prove helpful (or fun) so they'll be used
  • Work with a variety of devices and operating systems

Aptera Knows all the Tricks of the Digital Marketing Trade
Your customers are going online to learn about the products and services you offer. So it’s online that you’ll find your best opportunities to engage them. Aptera can help you navigate the shifting landscape of marketing in this decade and into the next. We can help you build a website that appeals to your target audience while at the same time playing nice with the latest search algorithms. We can help you create mobile apps that become go-to resources for your customers. And we can even help you develop a strategy for publishing quality content on a regular basis to increase the chances that anyone searching for information about your industry will find you before finding your competitors.