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As an Elite Sitefinity partner, Aptera has helped hundreds of companies implement their websites using the Sitefinity CMS platform. While doing this we’ve earned multiple Website of the Year Awards and our development team has mastered the Sitefinity Developer Certification Program. This Sitefinity expertise coupled with our other digital marketing services makes us the ideal partner for companies that want to get the most out of their investment in Sitefinity.


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Flexibility-Minded Sitefinity Development

Sitefinity is an extremely powerful yet easy to use CMS platform when it is implemented correctly. To successfully implement Sitefinity, the Aptera process starts with understanding the goals of your website and the functionality that will be needed to meet those goals. We then use our deep understanding of Sitefinity to architect a solution that fully leverages the built-in features of Sitefinity. This ensures that marketing professionals and administrators will be able to easily maintain the content and fully use all of the features of the CMS.

Award Winning Sitefinity Websites

Multi-year Sitefinity Website of the Year Award Winner

Sitefinity Development Team

The Aptera Sitefinity development team not only has a thorough understanding of the Sitefinity platform but is also well-versed in all the latest web development techniques and technologies. We leverage test-driven development and automated testing to maximize quality and reduce regression errors.

Our web design and development services team deliver sites that are built to work with multiple platforms and browsers, are easy to maintain, mobile friendly and deliver pages that load quickly and are SEO friendly. Also, we integrate Sitefinity with marketing automation platforms, ERP Systems, and payment processors. We can even show you how Sitefinity can act as a cost-effective way to manage content for mobile apps and other custom software.


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Leverage the Key Features of Sitefinity

While Sitefinity provides a long list of features within their CMS platform, there are several advanced features you should consider during the design and implementation of your website. Aptera has experience with all of the following key features.


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Multi-Site Implementation

The Sitefinity multi-site feature allows companies to simplify the management of content across multiple domains and subdomains. Aptera can you help you successfully design and implement this feature in a way that matches the needs of your business.


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Site Sync

The Site sync feature of Sitefinity allows content and code to be migrated from one Sitefinity instance to another. Aptera can help you leverage this feature along with automated builds to greatly reduce the time and errors associated with manual migrations.


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Multilingual Feature

Aptera has experience implementing the multilingual features of Sitefinity for clients that want to have one website but have content in multiple languages.


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Personalization and DEC

One of Sitefinity’s most powerful features is the ability to personalize content to the visitors of your websites. The Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud (DEC) provides the ability to segment your audience, perform lead scoring and provide a unique buyer journey to your visitors.


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If your company is planning to implement the E-commerce feature of Sitefinity, Aptera can show you how to get the most out of your investment. We can help ensure your e-commerce purchase process is intuitive, pages load quickly and the check-out process is as efficient as possible.


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Sitefinity API

In addition to building websites, Sitefinity can also be used as a centralized repository of data for multiple software applications. By leveraging its powerful and flexible API, Sitefinity can act as the source of data for mobile apps, intranet sites, custom software or any other software.



What Do You Need?

New Development

You can trust Aptera's skilled development team and their years of experience with your new web project. We can also provide full digital marketing and SEO services in addition to developing your site in Sitefinity.


Sitefinity Upgrades

Keeping your Sitefinity version up to date is an important part of ensuring optimal performance and security of your website. Aptera’s upgrade service can help get your website up to the latest version of Sitefinity.


Repair & Improvement

Implementing Sitefinity without adequate knowledge of the platform can result in a website that is difficult to maintain or suffers from poor performance. Aptera is often brought in to correct Sitefinity websites.


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We have a full range of Sitefinity services tailored to fit your specific needs. Our team of digital marketing and Sitefinity experts can help you launch a brand new site, improve an existing site or provide ongoing support.

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