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Enterprise Level Services

What is Enterprise Level?

Here at Aptera, our years of experience have taught us the importance of offering our clients the most complete technology solutions available. Sure, our team members write code, know SEO , and implement security features, but the real value lies in how those elements are brought together into a cohesive, business-ready solution. Our team doesn’t work in a vacuum on only one piece of a technology puzzle, but rather looks at all the components of your solution together. We’ll consider how each element of your project will affect the activity of another, so the end-product is always full-featured, secure, and ready for its end users.

Our Strategic Approach to Enterprise Software

Consider All Elements

One of the hallmarks of the Aptera team is that we will take into consideration all the big picture elements of your app, website, or other software directly from our planning stage to make sure that we have a thorough understanding of the affect elements might have on one another.

Avoid Previous Pitfalls

Our experienced team is well-versed in all the various elements that make a website, application, or other solution successful. This knowledge helps us avoid common pitfalls like launching a website without a redirect strategy or building a new app without security.

Design for Usability

All our solutions are designed to have top-notch user experiences, making them as intuitive as possible for your end users. You can even engage our in-house UX/UI designers to help you create a great design for your solution that’s backed by data and feedback from user-testing.

Embrace Change

As a part of our Agile development practices, we approach each project with open minds. Our team will help you think through your entire solution, while leaving room for necessary adjustments to be made as we learn more about your business and the project.  

Plan for Longevity

We want the solution we build to work for your business as long as it makes sense to use it. To keep things running smoothly for years to come, our team can work with you on supporting your solution and can even help you build the infrastructure to keep it in place.

Prove Results

We know that making a sizable investment in new technology solutions requires you to show results. The Aptera team can help you compile business data into easy-to-read, analytics dashboards and help you promote your new technology with digital marketing.

A Focus on Communication

Communication can make or break a project. At Aptera, we will always keep an open line of communication with you from start to finish. Our team is comfortable working with your in-house team or other third-party vendors depending on your needs. When a project reaches its finish line, we’ll make sure that all involved parties are trained to use the solution. Plus, we’ll always leave you with support documentation, so you team is equipped to maintain your software after go-live.

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