Aptera Development Services

Helping You Achieve Your Business Goals with Custom Software

Bring your big ideas to fruition with a development partner who understands the needs of enterprise businesses. The Aptera team will work with you to develop your custom web app, mobile app, or website design and deliver within your timeframe and budget. Your dedicated project team will collaborate to understand the goals and needs of your custom software solution and keep an open line of communication with you throughout the project.

At Aptera, our developers are well-versed in a variety of skills to create well-rounded custom software solutions. For example, we can create in-depth reports for your apps, custom product configurators for your e-commerce website, or ensure your important data is kept secure, just to name a few.

Web Application Development

Our team has experience developing web applications for businesses across industries. Whether your web app will help drive conversions or keep your employees organized, we can build a custom solution that meets your needs. We can also help you get the most out of the technology by including modern integrations with other business systems, in-depth reporting, and a scalable cloud infrastructure.

Mobile App Development

Give your users a top-tier experience wherever they are with a custom mobile app. Our team will help you create a stylish, intuitive mobile app designed for engagement. We develop natively for both iOS and Android and make use of cross-platform mobile development when applicable. Want a memorable, interactive component for your app? AR/VR/Mixed Reality technology can also be incorporated to truly make your app stand out from the competition.

Website Development

Showcase your brand and delight your customers with a custom website. Our UI/UX designers will learn your business and design your site in a way that captures your brand and easily guides customers through your website. Our team is experienced in designing brochure and e-commerce websites and have helped many businesses implement content management systems for better site management. Additionally, every website we develop is designed and implemented to meet ADA accessibility requirements and to follow SEO best practices.

The Aptera Difference

Our Approach to Development

Our teams utilize Agile and DevOps principles to shape our development process. Every project is assigned a cross-functional project team that will get to know you and your business and create a plan for rolling out your new technology. Development takes place in iterative “sprints” with new work being shown to you on a regular basis. We aim to launch projects quickly to garner user feedback, so we can then continue to develop course corrections and enhancements to create the best product for you, based on actual user feedback.

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Tailored to Enterprises

Businesses operating at the enterprise level expect a lot from their development partners and Aptera is poised to meet those needs. Our highly skilled team members operate at the level of quality that you expect. We also understand the need to meet tight deadlines to get new technology to market quickly and are equipped to help you achieve those goals.

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