Skilled Software Teams for Business Leaders Who Deliver

High-Performing Teams for Enterprise Initiatives

Our dedicated onshore development teams work on key software initiatives for enterprise clients. We know that it can be difficult to allocate resources to all the development projects that need attention. Partner with an Aptera team to work on your greenfield mobile applications, web applications, or website or to help you modernize legacy software. You can rest assured that our skilled teams deliver software that meets the highest quality standards.

What Our Teams Build

Our highly skilled development teams have the capability to help with any type of custom development you need to advance your business goals. Most often projects fall into these main three categories.

Web Applications

Web applications are useful for internal organization and system management as well as for helping drive conversions from customers. Our teams can build apps from the ground up or help you modernize a critical legacy system.

Mobile Applications

Connect with customers wherever they are or build tools for workers in the field. We work with both Native iOS and Android as well as cross-platform development tools like Xamarin to build functional, cutting edge mobile apps for business.


Showcase your brand with a top tier website. Our teams build brochure and ecommerce websites that utilize content management systems for easy maintenance while ensuring your site is ADA compliant and SEO optimized.

Work with a Team that Sees the Big Picture

Complex software projects require more than just well-written code to be successful. It’s critical that the software you build can fit into your technology environment. Your Aptera development team will take a holistic approach to development. From the beginning of your project, we’ll lead with quality, security, user experience, and principled system design to ensure that your software is successful from every angle.

Feel comfortable investing in a software project with Aptera. Each of these aspects of development are ingrained in our process.

DevOps Practices

We build systems with integrity that are usable and maintainable. Utilizing DevOps practices like continuous integration, automated deployments, and source control management ensures that we meet those goals.

UI/UX Design

Is your software focused on the end user? Our teams use modular design systems, responsive frameworks, and more to ensure a top-tier user experience for every piece of software we build.


Decisions made at the beginning of a project or during a large change can impact the stability, scalability, and ease of maintenance of your application down the road. Our teams utilize sound system design patterns while working within the constraints of your enterprise ecosystem, so you can be confident updating your application as business needs change.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance isn’t just an add-on at the end of a project. Before any coding begins, we’ll work with you to understand how the software will be used and tailor our approach to your specific needs. We incorporate techniques like test driven development (TDD) along with proven strategies for both manual and automated testing to ensure we deliver your vision.

Security and Compliance

We’ll work closely with your internal IT team to understand your risk profile as well as your regulatory needs from the onset of the project. Our teams are experienced at navigating compliance for regulations such as PCI, HIPPA, and the ADA to name a few.

Our Tech Stack

Our teams include full-stack developers who are well-versed in a variety of coding languages and technologies. All teams follow agile development practices and utilize the Scrum framework. Here’s an example of the tech stack we work with most often.
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