The Aptera Academy

Skills and Practices for Modern, Team-Based App Development

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Do you need to scale your team without slowing the pace of delivery? As an Aptera client, your team members will also have access to the Aptera Academy, our unique onboarding program. In the Academy, you’ll join our new hires of all experience levels in learning the hard and soft skills needed on a high-performing delivery team. The curriculum includes agile theory, team dynamics, and technical skills, including coding practices, UX design, and quality assurance.

Plus, while there will be an impact to the pace of production work, your team won’t have to stop the project they are working on completely.

Customize Your Academy Experience

The Aptera Academy is not a one-size-fits-all program. The Academy is structured into small groups of people, called cohorts, who move through the program together. Clients who wish to send several team members to the Academy can create their own dedicated cohort.

Learning is done in two phases: alignment and apprenticeship. Alignment is focused learning time to study, discuss, and engage with curriculum lessons and challenges. Apprenticeship is where you join a high-performing team and, under mentorship, put your skills into practice. Cohorts can choose to do these phases one after the other, or simultaneously to keep production work on track.

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Mentorship is a key component of the Academy. Each participant is paired with a mentor who guides them during and after the Academy. As the core curriculum is completed, your team members can transition back to full-time work on a delivery team. As they do, they’ll have their Aptera mentor by their side, either as a member of your team or as an on-call coach.

Full Delivery Team Learning Opportunities

Getting a modern application successfully to market means you’ll have to think about more than just functionality. That’s why the Aptera Academy curriculum covers more than just clean coding practices and really focuses on team dynamics, agile principles, and DevOps practices.

A key to successful teams is having a shared understanding among its members. To ensure your entire delivery team can see the big picture, we’ve opened the Academy to all roles including software engineers, business analysts, quality engineers, and UX strategists.

Agile Principles

Agility is at the core of our curriculum, but not for the purpose of earning another certification or memorizing vocabulary. Our focus is on instilling principles of adaptation, self-inspection, and product mindset into every member of a team.

Modern Team Dynamics

The old model of developers coding through written requirements in isolation has proved to produce inferior results to the work done by a high-performing team. The academy teaches techniques for utilizing the team around you to not only produce cleaner code, but better products.

DevOps Practices

Gone are the days of writing code and sending it over to an infrastructure team for deployment. Our teams learn how to utilize DevOps practices like continuous integration, automated deployments, and source control management for seamless delivery of working applications.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is the responsibility of the entire team, not just those who write and execute tests. We incorporate techniques like test driven development (TDD) along with proven strategies for both manual and automated testing to our curriculum.

UI/UX Design

By instilling the theory of user experience, principles of heuristics, and techniques for user research, the entire team can positively affect user experience, even if they aren’t responsible for user interface layout.

Level Up Your Team While Continuing to Deliver

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