Business Intelligence

Take Control of Your Data with Custom Business Intelligence Solutions

Having accurate, timely, and actionable information right at your fingertips leads to better business decisions to help your organization grow and succeed. Aptera’s dedicated team of BI architects and developers can help you get started with new business intelligence initiatives or integrate analytics into your software development projects.

Types of Business Intelligence Projects

Reporting & Dashboarding

Proper visual displays for data help uncover patterns or outliers and allow you to see key pieces of information quickly and easily. Having this information in an easy-to-digest format leads to better business decision making. Our team can help you visualize your data from one-off custom visuals to self-service reports.

Embedded BI

Business intelligence doesn't have to be an island on its own. Create a more efficient and intuitive decision-making environment by embedding analytics and reporting into the applications and websites you or your customers use most. Our embedded BI solutions offer easy, centralized management and can utilize your existing security.

Cloud BI

Moving your analytics and reporting initiatives to the cloud comes with many potential benefits including high-availability, easy scalability, and lower costs. Even if you just don’t want to install another patch or update, BI in the cloud can be a great solution!

Big Data & Data Warehousing

Learn from the growing stream of data in your business. Our BI team can help you gather and compile data from any number of sources to create big data solutions, streaming analytics, machine learning and real-time dashboarding to help take your business to the next level.

IoT Meets BI

With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices, there are now more ways than ever to generate data. It’s also important to capture, store, and utilize all that data effectively. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 devices, our business intelligence team can create a storage and reporting solution to fit your needs.

Where to Start with Business Intelligence

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Quick Launch

Not sure where to start? Our Quick Launch project engagement is a great first step. You’ll receive a free half-day discovery from which we’ll produce two weeks of deliverables as a proof-of-concept. With better access to your data in just two weeks, you’ll be able to decide on a more widespread BI strategy for your company.

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Project Rescue

Don’t let your business intelligence and analytics fall behind. If you’re feeling stuck mid-project, our talented BI developers can take over your project and get it back on track. Or if you need to quickly staff up your department, staff augmentation services are also available to add highly skilled developers to your team.

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Health Check

If your organization already has a BI strategy in place but is experiencing issues with performance, security, availability, or usability, an Aptera Health Check might be just what the doctor ordered. We’ll send members of our talented BI team to your business for half-day assessment of your current strategy and provide written recommendations for fixes and next steps.

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