Cloud Infrastructure Design

Modern Approaches to New Infrastructure or Upgrades

Aptera’s approach to infrastructure is highly effective for development because it is integrated with modern DevOps practices. We have a dedicated team of cloud infrastructure experts who specialize cloud platform solutions, but they are all experienced in development and data infrastructure solutions as well. This uniquely positions us to help design new system infrastructure or modify and upgrade existing infrastructure to seamlessly work for your application and development lifecycle, not just for short term gains, but for long-term efficiency and support.

Our Approach to Infrastructure Planning and Implementation

Aptera’s team typically includes the following components to assess and remediate current infrastructure while planning and implementing new technology.


The first thing Aptera’s infrastructure technicians will do is work to stabilize any high priority issues related to your current infrastructure. Whether these are related to performance and uptime or more dire security threats, we’ll act fast to solve issues and impact the problem quickly, even as we may be strategizing for a more elegant solution long-term.

Assess Current State

The next step after stabilizing any immediate issues is to assess the state of your current infrastructure and understand the various needs that applications, users, and various connections may be putting on it. We’ll work with your team or business users to ascertain need in the following areas:

  • Scalability and performance requirements
  • Uptime and availability requirements
  • Application development and hosting requirements
  • Web hosting and connection access
  • Adoption of modern DevOps deployment practices

Plan for Future Expansion

Any growing business or enterprise understands that the solution to its current state may not address the needs of its future endeavors. Aptera helps companies strategize and implement adaptive solutions, creating a roadmap to future growth. This allows our partners to scale up at the pace of their business expansion, providing flexibility to address tomorrow’s challenges without paying ahead.

Infrastructure that Works for the Business

Not only do Aptera’s infrastructure technicians understand the needs of development and data infrastructure that must be met to serve modern architecture, they also understand that solutions must be agile, budget-conscious, and friendly to staff that maintain them. We believe in helping you make decisions that your team both understands and feels secure implementing, and when appropriate, we always take the time to hand off solutions in a way that leaves you feeling prepared.

Ways to Engage


Are you stuck with an infrastructure that is slowing or even stopping productivity or sales? We’ll get started on a stabilization strategy to keep you up and running right away.


Already have a plan? Need hands to implement it? We can augment an existing team to move your initiative forward or provide turnkey services and ongoing support of your infrastructure.


Planning for a new system or major upgrade to an existing infrastructure? Let us help you plan for the needs you have now and the needs you’ll have in the future.

Implement an Infrastructure that Works for Your Business