Integration Solutions

Create Scalable, Customizable Integrations with Aptera

Improve your internal and B2B communication with digital integrations. Our integration team can help you implement Enterprise Application Integration to connect all your disparate internal systems, EDI solutions to communicate with trading partners, and more. We can also help you update existing integrations to scale up for business growth; reduce cost and overhead; and make it easier to onboard new trading partners. See how our experienced team can find just the right solution for your business.

Types of Integration Projects

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI is the backbone of supply chains, healthcare, logistics, and retail organizations around the world. Without EDI, it’s easy to get bogged down in time-consuming and error-prone manual processes, which cost you money. Aptera’s EDI team can start a new initiative, finish a struggling project, or anything in between. Solutions can even include rich dashboards and reports.

Cloud-Based Internet of Things (IoT)

From asset tracking to remote systems monitoring, a strong IoT strategy can add efficiency and flexibility to your business operations. If you’re struggling to make IoT work for you or need help creating your vision, the Aptera team can help. We can implement a cloud-based IoT strategy that is scalable, customizable, and affordable.

Cloud Integrations & EDI

More and more businesses are moving their integrations and EDI to the cloud. Cloud integrations are readily available, easily scaled, and cost-effective. If you’re tired of installing patches and updates to your current system, we can help you set up an easy-to-maintain, cloud-based integration or EDI solution.

EDI Managed Services

When critical EDI breaks, business can grind to a halt. Avoid these problems with Aptera’s B2B Managed Services. Our team will create, test, maintain, and monitor your crucial, fully-compliant EDI transaction, all while providing you awareness into your EDI with our intuitive dashboards.

Work With Us

Our integration team can jump in at any point in a project. We can be your source for new integration and EDI development or to help you bring an existing solution up to the latest technology. Our team can also come in mid-project to help it cross the finish line.

Whichever project stage you are in, Aptera can help organize your goals with a Digital Roadmap. We’ll plan out each remaining project stage for you, so you’ll always know what to expect.

Common Integration Projects

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Icon

Electronic Data Interchange

Looking to invest in EDI? Our team will meet with you to understand your business needs to advise, architect, and implement a custom EDI solution for your business from the ground up.

Icon for Switching to a New ERP

Switching Platforms

Are you switching to a new ERP platform? The Aptera team can make sure all your integrations to and from new platforms are secure and functioning properly.

Trading Partner Onboarding Icon

Trading Partner Onboarding

If you need an easier way to get new trading partners or transaction types up and running, we can architect a solution. Additionally, if your new trading partner has specific requirements for integrations, our team can help you meet them.

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