E-Commerce Website Development

Showcase Your Products with a Custom E-Commerce Website

When you run an e-commerce business, your website is everything. The Aptera team understands, and we want to help you create the best shopping experience possible for your customers. That’s why we build custom e-commerce solutions to cater to your unique product line. Our developers are experienced in handling complicated product types and those with high levels of personalization. Plus, our team is highly skilled at e-commerce integrations to link all your systems for seamless order fulfillment.

Our Approach to E-Commerce

We want to help you create an engaging e-commerce experience for your customers that showcases your unique products. To accomplish this, we first work with you to discover your buyer’s journey. Then we take a deep look at your products to understand your unique differentiators and determine if custom solutions like a product configurator would be a good fit for your ordering process.


Engage our team of UI/UX designers to create a customer-friendly, on-brand look and feel for your e-commerce website. Our team can also consult on your fulfillment strategy and skillfully create integrations between your ERP, CRM, and inventory management systems to keep business running efficiently.

Our Team Can Handle All Your E-Commerce Technology

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Mobile-Friendly Solutions

Our team can help you streamline your mobile purchase process to make it as easy as possible for your customers to shop on the go. This could include a mobile shopping app experience, push notifications for products, or other solutions to keep your customers shopping wherever they are.

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Shopper Personalization

Create a unique experience for different types of visitors to your website. We can help you market better to your customers with personalization features like audience segmentation, lead scoring and creating a unique buyer’s journey for different types of visitors.

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Customized Product Search

Help your customers find exactly what they’re looking for with a customized search. Start broad with basic terms or narrow down through dynamic filters and categorizations. We can implement a variety of search tools based on your specific product set and needs.

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Product Configurators

Give your customers a unique experience with the freedom to personalize and configure a custom version of your product. We can design and build a custom product configurator for your products that sets them apart through in-depth interaction.

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Secure Online Payment

Whether through standard online credit card methods, third parties like PayPal, or more complex payment systems, the Aptera team will make sure that your online payment method is encrypted and secure. Our code is always reviewed by our security officer and makes use of e-commerce best practices.

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Back-Office Integration

Keep your business running smoothly from purchase to fulfillment and follow-up with integrations between all your systems. We can integrate with your CRM, ERP, and inventory management systems to speed up payment and order fulfillment.

Ready to Enhance Your E-Commerce Experience?