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Connect with your customers wherever they are or improve processes for workers in the field with the power of mobile. Aptera builds highly engaging, easy-to-use mobile apps for business across industries.

In an increasingly mobile-first world, apps are an important tool for connecting with customers, driving sales, or creating helpful solutions for your internal teams. Do you have a big idea for a mobile app for your company? The Aptera mobile application development team can help you plan, develop, and launch your app, even on a tight timeline. We will work efficiently to get your app to market and ensure that it is an all-around success.

Mobile App Development for Any Platform

While mobile devices are a ubiquitous part of our digital world, no single platform has a definitive edge over others. Aptera’s mobile team is well-versed in both iOS and Android app development as well as responsive web applications. We can help you assess which platform (or platforms) will best suit your users’ needs, while weighing time-to-market, performance, and maintenance considerations.

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iOS App

Apple users associate their devices with simple, yet powerful experiences. Our experienced developers can create that experience for you, using native languages like Objective-C, C++, and Swift. All our iOS apps meet App Store requirements and iOS design standards and take advantage of the benefits of the tightly-integrated hardware capabilities of the iPhone and iPad.


Android App

With a wide adoption and a variety of different devices, Android offers a large user base with varying device capabilities. Our team will help you develop Android apps for phones and tablets that take advantage of the platform’s open-source construction while still upholding the vision and standards of your brand across devices.

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HTML5 Responsive
App Development

Need your app out quickly? Depending on the needs of your business, a responsive web application that can be accessed from a mobile browser may be a faster way to get your app in the hands of your users. Our experienced software development team can help you weigh savings in development against needs for performance, offline access, and hardware integration to determine if an HTML5 web application is a good option for you.

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Cross-Platform App Development

If you want your mobile app to be accessible across platforms, cross-platform mobile app development might be right for you. Cross-platform tools like Xamarin, NativeScript and React Native allow developers to write apps for iOS, Android, and other popular mobile platforms using non-native languages. Before developing apps using these tools, our experienced team will weigh the performance and hardware integration against speed to deliver to determine if it’s a good fit for you.

Accelerated Development

If you have an idea for a mobile app that could benefit your employees or customers, let the Aptera team take the lead. We can work with you from inception to delivery to bring your big idea to life. Likewise, if you have ideas for new features or other expansions of an existing mobile app, our team can work within the framework you already have set up to create your latest features.

Our Approach to Mobile App Development

We follow an Agile development structure on all our mobile app projects. Our process starts with a discovery where we will ask questions to determine where, when, and why users will be interacting with your app. This exercise will to help our UI/UX designers shape the user experience. Next, we’ll help you identify the most critical features of your mobile app and develop those first, so you can quickly get an early version to market and into the hands of real users. Using the data we collect from users, we can then work with you to determine and prioritize upgrades and enhancements. This will keep your app on a results-driven path that balances budget and timeline effectively.

A Partner in Development

When you sign-on for a project with Aptera, our team becomes your partner in development. You’ll be assigned a dedicated, onshore project team that will take the time to get to know you and your business. This helps our team be able to make the best recommendations for you.  We measure our success by your success, so you can trust that we’ll take a vested interest in making sure your mobile app is top tier.

Innovative Mobile Solutions 

Our team has successfully launched a variety of mobile apps across business industries utilizing technologies like building information modeling and augmented reality. Our mobile app experience includes:

Construction Management

Virtual Doctor’s Visits

Mobile Banking

Call Center Management

Remote Home Automation

Augmented Reality Marketing

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