Product Configurators

Stand Out from the Competition with a Custom Product Configurator

Create a unique and helpful experience for your customers with a custom product configurator. The ability to customize your products or services gives buyers a unique experience and makes them more invested as they take the time to create the version of your offering they are most likely to purchase. Our team has the experience to design a custom product configurator, quoting system or other web application for even your most complex products or services, on both mobile devices or a website.

Getting Started: Proof of Concept

Before we begin developing your product configurator, we collaborate with you through a series of brief sessions to establish a clear direction and vision. You’ll begin to see the vision take shape with wireframes and prototypes. These sessions help determine the correct balance of features that meet your goals and budget.

We’ll design your product configurator to highlight your unique products or services first and foremost. Our team also brings experience creating effective configurators to the table, so we know how best to adapt your offering to provide the best user experience.

Agile Product Configurator Development

Once we have your proof-of-concept finalized, we’ll use our agile development process to quickly bring your product configurator to market. This process keeps you involved in every step of development, letting you see features as they are ready so you can offer feedback along the way.

Configurator Support

Aptera can take all the support work off your hands! We offer a full range of support services from cloud-based hosting to monitoring and performance tuning of your configurator. Plus, all support services can be customized to fit the needs of your business.

Discovery Sessions Include: 

Product Analysis

Walk us through all the properties of your products and related products including pricing and audience targeting.

Buyer Journey

We’ll work together to document various scenarios in which your customer will interact with the configurator and brainstorm ways to upsell through customization and bundling.

Data and Integrations

Discuss the source of product and pricing information and any other system that the configurator will need to exchange information with.

Competitive Analysis

To make sure your configurator is correctly positioned in the market, we’ll work with you to research your competitors and any similar tools they are using.

Prototype Design

We'll create one or more prototypes to demonstrate the user experience of your configurator, allowing us to flesh out the design and determine feasibility.

User Experience Testing

We'll run our proof-of-concept prototypes through testing sessions to get live feedback to test the riskiest areas of your user experience, allowing us to quickly abandon ideas that don't work and focus on the innovations that will.

Platform Selection

Together we’ll determine the optimal platform(s)—think phone, tablet, web—for your configurator to best reach your target audience.

Increase Your Engagement with a Custom Product Configurator